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  •  Neon Green Cake   This cake is all buttercream!
  •  Teddy Bear Cake   Teddy bears are made out of fondant with a sculpy mold!
  •  Painted Fondant Cake   This fondant covered cake is "painted" on using paste food colors.
  •  Mermaid   Mermaid cake baked in Wilton's Old Mermaid pan.
  •  Cascading Garden   This cake has royal icing flowers. :)
  •  Bowling Ball & Pin   This Bowling ball was baked in the 3D ball pan while the pin was baked a narrow snowman pan and trimmed down.
  •  Uterus   This Uterus was made for a Nursing student class! It is red velvet cake inside too!
  •  Clifford   Cut out Clifford using a Blue's Clues Template~
  •  Bunny   Bunny cake made with the grass tip!
  •  Ufo Cake   This UFO cake has lollipops for lights and an "LGM" (Little Green man) behind the steering wheel!
  •  Zombie Cake   This zombie was made out of the 3D ball pan & chocolate rolled buttercream for the skin!
  •  Snake Cake   This snake was over 4 feet long!! It was cut out of three 8 inch rounds!
  •  Burgandy Scrolls   Burgandy scrolls!

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