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  •  Nicole's Cake   I did this cake for a friend's daughter. I graduated from there too!
  •  Blue's Clues   Nothing will complete a Blue's Clues cake like paw print cup cakes!
  •  Megan's Cake  I did this for a friend of mine's daughter. I am tickled pink when she asks me to do her cake every year, around Feb. 1! Yes, I know I...
  •  Gina's Cake   I did this for a friend of mine. It should be under cake disasters, but I thought it was funny enough to post...
  •  Jacob's Cake  This was my first attempt at doing a shaped cake pan with all those stars. It's a lot harder than it looks! The stars took forever!...
  •  Flat Basket Weave   I did this for my son's student teacher, several years ago! I think she liked it!
  •  Timmy's First Communion   I did this for my nephew, Timmy. Can you see the similarities of my other First Communion cakes? :)
  •  Tyler's Birthday Cake   As you might have guessed, my nephew had a Chuck E. Cheese party. I heard it was a hit!
  •  My Niece's First Communion  My niece, Sara, celebrated her First Communion a week before my son's so we had a combined party. This is similar to my son's but...
  •  My Son's First Communion   I bought the decorations, but I liked how this turned out!
  •  Rubber Duck Theme  I did this cake for a Baby Shower. I wanted to come up with something catchy to say and I came up with "Conquackulations!" She...
  •  Picture_147.jpg   This was a cake I did for my sister's neighbor's daughters. I thought it was fun to make all those daisies.
  •  My Son's Birthday Cake  This is my first attempt at using a half-ball cake in addition to the main cake. I had a really hard time making the frosting appear smooth...

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