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  •  Cake For A Secretary  Where my husband works a secretary had her first granddaughter so though I would make a cake.It's 0 degrees where I live so baking was...
  •  Having Fun  This is just a design I came up with.I had starter frosting in when my husband comes in and saids we have water again in the basement,so...
  •  Just Having Fun   It's cold here so I baked a cake and decorate just to have something to do.
  •  For A Potluck   Not want of my best. I used the roller method to smooth the icing. Love it.The one corner looks crooked but it's not.
  •  Candy Corn Cake   This is a checkerboard cake I did for work,with chocolate filling.Fun to do.
  •  Candy Corn Cake  This is the picture of the cake that Wilton has out for halloween.It was fun.It said to use tip 16 but I found that it was to small so I...
  •  Just Having Fun   Chocolate cake with chocolate filling. I tryed the viva way in smoothing the cake,didn't turn out to better.
  •  Pink And Silk Flowers  I found this small 4 tier cake set at a flea market and had to see how it would turn out.It's not one of my best,but had fun with it...
  •  Retirement Cake For A Friend   I starter to decorate the cake when the lights went out.I'am still happy with it
  •  Cake For A 50Th Bd
  •  Birthday Cake For A Friend   burgundy flowers
  •  Having Fun   I had some frosting leftover so though I would bake a cake to practice my ruffles.It's a lemon cake with lemon filling.
  •  First Wedding Cake   Just wanted to make a cake,so why not the first wedding cake