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  • Cupcakes
  • Baby Shower bear This is a creation using various cake pans, winnie the pooh, 12 x 3, 6 x 3 and
  • Bible Book cake pan
  • Baby blocks 8 x 3 cake for baby shower
  • Anniversary 12 x 3 cake, punto perdido and basket technique
  • Basket baby shower 8 x 3 cake, basket technique
  • Bear baby shower Cake 12 x 3 and the winnie the pooh cake pan
  • Birth cake
  • Square this is my first square picture.
  • Bratz 10 x 3 cake with foam topper.
  • Baby dress This is  a big one baby dress very simple.
  • Christening
  • Pegasus I made this cake for a friend 5 years old daughter.  This is a 10" round chocolate cake and a...
  • Butterfly
  • Hexagonal Cake made for my mom and my sister birthday.  Hexagonal size.
  • Winnie the Pooh This is a cake made for my husband nephew.  I made the pooh in the center and four additional cakes....
  • Flower This is a flower that I made for "mi comadre".  Flowers using fondant.
  • Cars This is a cars cake created for my son in law, he loves cars film.  Size: 12 x 8 x...
  • Tinkerbell This is a 10 x 3 cream cheese cake for a 10 years old girl.  Tinkerbell was hand painted using...
  • Anniversary This is a 12 x 3 round cake decorated using the basket technique and "punto perdido".
  • Chocolate cake This is an 8 x 3 round chocolate cake decorated with almonds.
  • Book pan Book pan cake for a girl baptism.
  • Baby girl 10 round cake for a baby girl.
  • Mother's day This is a 10 round cake using the basket for decorating and royal icing flowers.
  • Pink Hana cake This is a 10 round cake and a butterfly cake.
  • Dora's face This cake was a 12 round, hand free Dora's face using rice paper.
  • Race Car Cake This is a creation for my 4 years old son.  He loved the cars.
  • Basket baby shower
  • Ice Age 10" round cake in the center, almond flavor.  Two corners from cheese and two from chocolate and the rest is...
  • Chicken Little cake This is the cake that I made for my big son.  He had 7 years.  He wants a chicken little...
  • Spring
  • Good luck round cake
  • sugar free 6 x 3 sugar free cake
  • Birthday_torta_sobre_torta.jpg Two cakes, one  8 x 3 and other 6 x 3
  • A_hp.jpg
  • Spongebob This is 12 x 8 x 3 rectangular cake made at last minute for a 8 years old boy.
  • Congratulations 10" round cake decorated whith white buttercream icing and confetti.
  • Strawberry This is a 10" round cake decorated in rose and red like strawberry shortcake doll.  The flowers are made in...
  • Balloon cake This is a 8" round cake decorated with blue icing simulated a balloon.
  • Christening This is a Wilton book cake decorating as a Bible.  The cross and the letters are in fondant.
  • Marshmallow christmas cake This is a 8x3 round cake decorated with christmas marshmallows shapes.
  • P1010002.jpg This is a 12 x 3 heart specially decorated for my sister anniversary using icing and gum paste to make...
  • Happy Birthday This is a birthday cake for my mother in law.
  • Chirstening cake This is a 12 x 3 and a 8 x 3 round decorated using corcelli. Letters made using already fondant.
  • Hawaii cake This is my first creation for a Hawaiian party.  I did a 12 x3 round, 6 x 3 round, a...
  • Sweet halloween This is an 8x 3 round cake decorating with caramel popcorn.
  • Basket cake This is a 8" cake using basket technique appropriate for a baby shower.  Fondant was used for the decorations.
  • "Mameluco" This was made in my advanced decorating classes.  It's a rectangular cake cutted to create this cute baby clothe.
  • 41 birthday I did this 8 round cake for my husband.  Decorated using a stencil.
  • Star cake This is a star pan cake I did for my niece.  I used icing letters and skittles candy for the...
  • P1010018.jpg
  • Cheesecake My first cheesecake decorated with puraweep and delicious cherrys.
  • Bear baby shower This is my first baby shower creation.  This is a 12" round cake and a winnie the pooh cake pan....
  • Witch hat This is a witch hat created in my decorating classes.
  • Thank you cake
  • Boo cake This is a different and funny creation for Halloween days.  I put caramel crackel in the top.
  • Terminado_02jpg.jpg This is my first baby shower cake.  Its' so simple, but vey cute.  Look the pretty detail of the bottle...
  • Good luck
  • The Incredibles cake The incredibles cake created for my best friend as a gift for my kid from six years old birthday.
  • The_Incredibles_Cake_all.jpg This is the cake for my kid # 6 years old.  He is incredible fan.
  • Nemo 12 x 3 cake