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  •  Hogwarts  All 3 buildings, complete with lake, Quidditch, and a very sorry looking whomping willow. My daughter helped, as it was for her 6th...
  •  Jack Skellington   Chocolate cake iced in buttercream
  •  3-D Scooby Doo  A big thanks to cakesoutsidethebox for the inspirtion! He is all cake, although I think next tim the snout & top of the head will be...
  •  Canadian Turkey  Here is yet another turkey, lol! I didn't have any special pans, I just carved the shape. Iced in buttercream. Wings and drumsticks...
  •  Kahlua & Cream  3-D Kahlua bottle iced in buttercream, with a glass of a creamy confectionary concoction next to it to resemble Kahlua. Flavoured with...
  •  Hawaiian Luau Theme   Thanks to paradisepalms for the inspiration!
  •  Burger & Fries   Hamburger cake, covered in BC. Lettuce is coconut. Fries are sugar cookies, "ketchup" is raspberry sauce.
  •  Bbq   The lady who wanted this doesn't eat red meat, so this is bbq chicken legs + breast made out of MMF.
  •  Spider-Man  Spider-man's head is made from Rice Krispies, the rest is chocolate cake. He was a great learning experience, but I am pleased with...