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  •  Baby Baptism   bc frosting with mm fondant decorations. bow is made of gumpaste.
  •  Christening Cake   bc frosting, all decorations are mm fondant
  •  Doggie Bone   This cake was done for a friend's birthday for their dog. It's all bc frosting and chocolate decorations.
  •  Blue Rose   bc frosting, blue roses are made with royal icing, trim is made of mm fondant and leaves.
  •  Daisy N Hearts   bc frosting, daisy and hearts are mm fondant.
  •  Girly Makeup Cake   bc frosting on cake, gumpaste and mm fondant on makeup.
  •  Cars   bc frosting
  •  Party Hat   bc frosting, all decorations are made of mm fondant
  •  Merry-Go-Round   bc frosting, mm fondant stripes, royal icing roses
  •  Pink Rose   bc frosting, ribbon made with mmf, rose made with frosting.
  •  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse   ears, head, and foot are styroform. bc frosting cake with cream cheese filling. hand was made of mm fondant.
  •  Chruch Anniversary   bc frosting, scrolls are done with bc. used gumpaste for crown.
  •  Babyshower Dress   bc frosting, mm fondant, rose are buttercream.