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  •  Construction Upsherin Cake   For a boy's third birthday and haircutting celebration. The boy wanted construction trucks; the mother wanted upsherin themed.
  •  Trivial Pursuit
  •  Secretary's Desk   For my sister, who's the secretary in an elementary school.
  •  Shape Sorter
  •  Jewish Wedding   Jewish wedding
  •  Pin The Crown On The Birthday Princess   My friend's daughter likes princesses and is having a carnival theme party, so I tried to combine the two.
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  •  Public Menorah Lighting  This cake depicts the scene of a Public Menorah Lighting on Chanukah. All of the Jewish people in the village are gathered around the giant...
  •  Car Menorah   Happy Chanukah!
  •  Fisher Price Pop-Up Toy   Another of my daughter's favorite toys. Made for her first birthday.
  •  Chinese Food   My husband likes Chinese food, so I made him this cake for his birthday.
  •  Xylophone   This was for my daughter's first birthday. It's one of her favorite toys.
  •  Mickey Mouse