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  •  Zebra And Pink  I posted this cake earlier and didn't like how it look so I went back and added more stripes.. I'm extremely Happy with the cake...
  •  Digging Bunny   Thought I would give these a try also!!
  •  Puppy   I first saw these a year ago on base. Finally had to nerves to give them a try
  •  T.v Dinner   Thought I would give these CUPCAKES a try, Pretty simple to do....
  •  Orange And Yellow   Just playing around
  •  Cupcakes Hats   Just playing around
  •  More Bouquet   I enjoy making these so much, very easy to do
  •  Simple   Customer New exactly what she wanted!!! Nice and simple
  •  Ice Cream Sunday   Thought I would give these a try
  •  White On White!!!   A friend of mines email me this cake asking if I could try and make it for her.. Not as good as the original but I'm happy with it.
  •  Beer Cake   Not Happy with my Fondant...
  •  Cake Balls
  •  Cake Pops   Thought I would give these a try!!!!