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  •  Planet/sky Cake  Didn't know where to put this cake. My customer wanted a cake with planets and stars. Bottom tier is German Chocolate and top tier is...
  •  Pink Green Brown Baby Shower Cake   Decorated to coordinate with invitation. All buttercream with a fondant bow.
  •  Lime And Pink Initial Cake   WASC with Lime buttercream with fondant and buttercream accents.
  •  Flag Cookie Tray  I clipped a picture from a magazine years ago that I hoped to duplicate one year. I finally had the chance. While not just like the picture...
  •  Bridal Shower Cookies  2 of the cookies are fondant covered and decorated with buttercream. The one with the initials was embossed with a Cuddlebug folder....
  •  80Th Birthday Cake   Marble cake with chocolate icing and fondant accents.
  •  Ladybug Cake   Ladybug cake for a 1 yr old. Made to resemble plate. I was pleased with it. WASC, Indydebi's icing and fondant accents.
  •  Beach Cake   Beach themed cake for a 3 yr old. Buttercream with fondant details, brown sugar mixed with graham cracker crumbs for the sand..
  •  Wedding Dress Cake   I've been wanting to do one of these cakes for quite a while. I especially like a cake done by jaklotz1 and used it for inspiration.
  •  Zebra With Lime  Initial cake with lime and zebra. Chocolate cake and Indydebi's buttercream. Rhonda's Ultimate MMF decorations, sparkling sugar,...
  •  Birthday Cake   Just a little birthday cake for a friend.
  •  Bright Flower Cake   Italian Cream cake with cream cheese icing filling and Indydebi's icing (1/2 butter). Just a bright flower cake :)
  •  Ridgleigh's Shoe And Shoebox Cake   My first shoe and shoebox! One of my favorite cakes so far. Zebra took forever!