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  •  Owl Birthday Cake   Two quarter sheets. Covered in orange buttercream as per my daughter's request. Decorations made of fondant.
  •  Mickey Mouse   Six inch round cakes for ears, trimmed a 9-inch cake for the face. Covered in fondant.
  •  Captain America Shield Cupcakes   Choc. cupcakes with fondant shields on top. My 4-year-old was pleased! I was inspired by athenarose's cupcakes.
  •  Captain America Cake   8 and 6-inch cakes for my son's 4th birthday. I was inspired by smbegg's design on here.
  •  Panda Cake  A panda cake for my little guy's 3rd birthday. I stuck it on the chocolate cake as an afterthought, which is why the bottom is not...
  •  Princess Mckenzie's Cake  My daughter's 4th birthday cake. I wish I had taken a picture after I patted down all the stray frosting that was sticking out...
  •  40Th Birthday Cake   Just a simple cake made for my SIL's birthday. Her favorite color is yellow. All buttercream. Thanks for looking.
  •  Golden Anniversary Cake  My SIL's parents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Her sisters were planning the party and told my SIL to just, "...
  •  Parker's First Birthday Cake  Two half-sheet cakes stacked, covered in crusting buttercream with MMF circles. Thanks for looking; I was so excited for my little boy'...
  •  Penguins Hockey Birthday Cake   Chocolate frosting and a FBCT for the logo. The birthday boy, my husband's cousin, is a big hockey fan.
  •  Blue Rose Cupcakes  I really liked the pink rose cupcakes jammjenks did, so I tried my hand at some blue ones. Mine are not as pretty as her's, but I love...
  •  Petunia Birthday Cake  An 8" cake made for a good friend. Her favorite colors are blue and yellow. Buttercream with my first attempts at royal icing petunias...
  •  Easter Bunny Cake   Covered with plastic chocolate and then decorated with buttercream. Thanks for looking!