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  •  Jungle Safari Birthday!   the cookies were from the No Fail Sugar Cookie recipe and royal icing :) tried something a little different with the palm trees.
  •  Now That's A Kick!
  •  Pinkie  My husband asked for a Pinkie Pie cake, and I didn't have faith in my modeling skills. Didn't want something flat for someone so...
  •  Puppy!
  •  Secretary's Day  my husband was just elected Secretary of his motorcycle club, so of course i HAD to make something "pretty." it had been at least...
  •  Army Men   army men with pieces broken off, dabbed with raspberry filling made it nice and bloody looking!
  •  Pink Birthday   frostin pride icing, it was delicious!
  •  Corpse Bride  Modeled after the wedding cake in the Corpse Bride. Skulls are fondant, the rest is buttercream. At the highest skull, it measures 5 1/2...
  •  That Sucks  MAN those are some UUUUGLY roses! lol. though i thought the border was kind of interesting.Edited to add: my husband asked for "just a...
  •  Simple Gift   I had to keep this one simple, as it had to travel a few hundred miles to a family reunion. Gumpaste bow.
  •  Gumpaste Roses  I have had NO luck with any cutters! i guess i just can't seem to find one that makes big enough roses (at least for me) They aren&#...
  •  Bloody Thursday Memorial  this was for the Longshoreman's Bloody Thursday Memorial Picnic. During their strike in 1934, 5 dock workers were killed by men...
  •  Diego Birthday And Smash