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  •  Rubik's Cube   My son's B-day cake wasc with chocolate pudding and whipped cream filling. BC w/fondant tiles.
  •  Lady Bug  First birthday for my cousin's daughter. Topper was her smash cake, similar to one of her toys.wasc with buttercream. Cake design by...
  •  Another Present   Black, white, and red present. Buttercream w/ fondant accents.
  •  Lucy   Made for my aunts b-day. I got to practice gumpaste, fondant, and airbrush.TFL
  •  Skelton Wedding Cake  This cake was inspired by one on charm city cakes website. The bride loved the idea of a skeleton bride and groom. That and make it jazzy...
  •  First Wedding Cake  This was inspired from the many cakes here on cc. I don't know if I will do wedding cakes any more. way stressful. Special thanks to...
  •  Daisy Bouquet   Made this for church. I wish I had had time to make leaves as the cups show.
  •  Nurse Book  This cake was inspired by a cake littlegrahmcracker did. My mother went back to school at the age of 53 and will graduating as an RN in May...
  •  Baby Shower   This was for a friend who's cousin unexpectedly got to adopt a baby. It is adapted from the Wilton yearbook.
  •  Another Gift Cake   Inspired by all the wonderful cakes here. BC with fondant accents. The bow matches the napkins
  •  Valentine Cookies   These are the cookies for my son's class. The design is from the guide that came with the cookie cutter.
  •  Angel Cake  The only instructions I was given for this cake was light blue and angels. I wanted it to be elegant as it was for an adult. Thanks to...
  •  Snowman Cupcake Cake  I LOVE cakery's snowman cupcakes and she was kind enough to e-mail the instructions, but my niece insisted on a cupcake cake so I used...