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  • Billy Bass This is the cake made for my dad's 60th birthday.  The colours aren't exact but hey, I think it looks...
  • a_0051l_11-1.JPG
  • Bratz All made out of fondant :-)
  • Thomas the Tank Engine Not much I can say about this one!  All made with fondant.  :-)
  • Power Ranger All made out of fondant.
  • Playboy Bunny I never want to make another like this again!!  The bunnies were a pain to cut out.
  • Betty Boop on the beach! A customer could choose between a Betty Boop cake or a beach cake for her daughter, so we had Betty...
  • The Incredibles All made of fondant.  I was really pleased with this one.
  • Doll My first real girly cake.
  • Haunted House This was a haunted house cake I made last year for a mother and toddler group.
  • Noddy This was a little 4" cake made for a friend's son.
  • Paraglider & Photographer My sister and brother-in-law are both into photography and paragliding.
  • Spiderman All made out of fondant.
  • Cinderella Not much I can say about this one!
  • Lazy Town This is for my son's 4th birthday tomorrow.  Almost everything is made out of fondant except the cloud and ladder...
  • Suitcase This was for a 60th birthday (she's from the UK) and she was going away with friends to the US.
  • Teletubbies This was for my daughter's 2nd birthday today.  All done in fondant.
  • The Little Mermaid I was asked to make this for a friend's daughter's third birthday.  The shells are made from sugarpaste (gumpaste?) and...
  • Horse Head I made this for a lady who has her own horse.  It's made from sugarpaste (ready to roll icing).  Her...
  • Dad's birthday cake mug Has buttercream filling and the rest is fondant.  Really fun to make but i can't take the credit for the...
  • Peppa Pig I've done this cake for a fun competition we've had on our UK cake decorating forum.  I hadn't even heard...

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