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  • Chewbacca Chocolate cake with buttercream for my Son's Star Wars Birthday!
  • Dr. Suess Birthday Cake
  • Dr. Suess Birthday Cake
  • White Chocolate Genache Butter cake with chocolate and raspberry Genache filling; White chocolate Genache Chocolate shavings melted chocolate spread on top with chocolate...
  • White on white rose wedding cake This is my very first wedding cake.  It is buttercream with a white buttercake raspberry and bavarian cream filling.
  • Halloween Cupcakes Cupcakes for a Halloween party!
  • Halloween Cookies Cookies made for a Halloween party.
  • Birthday Cake for a two year old
  • Strawberry Chocolate Cake Chocolate Cake with Whipped Chocolate Genache With fresh Strawberries.  This cake smelled like a Chocolate Covered Strawberry
  • Incredibles Logo Buttercream frosting.  This was hard.  I tried to make red frosting, no luck without bad taste.  I used red sugar....
  • Chocolate Cake Homemade chocolate cake with fudge filling and chocolate genache.  Simply because you can never have to much Chocolate Cake!
  • St. Patrick's Day Cake Two colors green frosting.  Even the cake was green!
  • Pink Cake This cake is for my Mother's Birthday!  She loves frosting.  I was trying to get as much frosting on the...