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  •  Jolley Wedding  I hate that I didn't get etter pics. I really liked this cake. I hope the photographer at the wedding got some nice ones. Any way - it...
  •  Dalmation  Here's my 3D dalmation. I posted in the How do I forum about it with more pics. I used a lot of different posts and tutorials I found...
  •  L Cookies   Cookies for a young lady's Bday
  •  Balloons   Balloon cookies for a little girl. D monogram. This was this only pic I had of them. They were cute IRL. TFL!
  •  Poppy  I made these gumpaste poppies for a wedding cake. This is the view from the top. The bride wanted off white poppies with grey centers. This...
  •  Wedding Cookies   Sort of self explanitory, LOL. done for a wedding shower.
  •  Bike   Cake for a biker who races (like in the tour) Buttercream drawing
  •  Butterflies
  •  Cookie Cake   These were decorated to match the invitation. The customer baked the cookies and brought them to me to decorate. Done in Buttercream.
  •  Elvis  A chocolate transfer of elvis on buttercream cake. Inspiration from a cake on CC. I'm afraid I don't know how to link it, but it...
  •  Shoes  my first attempt at shoes and box. Shoes are gumpaste, with fondant broach? Box is choc fondant tinted black. AP was for birthday gal'...
  •  Cupcake Cookies   last set of cookies for the same party. These were the cupcakes.
  •  Hats And Gifts   hats and giftboxes. Went with the bees and butterflies party.