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  • Dora birthday
  • Circus baby shower
  • transportation baby shower
  • Cat in the Hat
  • Halloween birthday
  • PB and J bday for twins
  • twins
  • pink baby shower
  • 1st birthday
  • luau birthday cake
  • Orange and berry bridal shower
  • Liver cake carved liver cake covered in fondant
  • Dumbbell cake
  • black and white real roses on top of black and white topsy turvy cake
  • Baby shower cake Ducky in a bath bucket on top of cake
  • Happy birthday cake fondant flowers
  • wedding cake silver and white wedding cake
  • 1st birthday cake with smash cake purple 2 tier cake with smash cake
  • Robyn's baby shower pink and brown fondant
  • Birthday/work party cake This was half a 69th birthday party cake and half a old timers from our hospital get together party. bottom...
  • baby girl giraffe botton cake 8" top cake 5", covered in fondant, fondant baby shoes, spots to look like a giraffe
  • Bunco halloween cake fondant ghosts, fondant candy corn on side, real candy corn on top, fondant dice
  • Power ranger b day royal icing power rangers, buttercream and fondant frostings.
  • baby shower boy bottom cake 8,7,6 top 4,5,6" rounds. covered in fondant. shoes are fondant.
  • boy twin shower 8" square, fonand blanket, fondant shoe
  • girl twin shower pink shoe made of fondant, polka dots fondant
  • Bridal shower 6,8,10" tiers, buttercream frosting with fondant accents. Electric pink and electric blue bridal shower. This was so much fun to...
  • B-Day cake Bottom cake marble with buttercream and fondant accents, top cake carrot with buttercream and fondant accents. Tiarra is royal icing.
  • Round white and ivory White cake with cookies and cream filling. 12" bottom, 9" middle, 6" top tiers. Buttercream and fondant squares.
  • Black and white square cake Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. Bottom tier 8", top 5". Fondant bow and accents.
  • Halloween 2008 Marble cake. Bottom 8,9,10 inches. Top 6,7,8 inches. Ghost on top is fondant over lolipop. Fondant accents.
  • Race cars 2 race cars covered in fondant. 6" round cake covered in fondant squares.
  • Purse B-Day 8" square cake with cake purse covered in fondant and fondant shoe,lip gloss, and bow.
  • Blue and green b-day buttercream with fondant accents
  • Fondant flower cake Inspired by Sugarflowers II. Fondant flowers and bow with buttercream frosting.
  • Dog paw print  B-Day Marble cake with buttercream frosting and fondant accents
  • flower cake Wilton I calss cake. Yellow cake woth buttercream and buttercream accents
  • booty cookies sugar cookies with buttercream frosting
  • Goodbye cake Katy Strawberry cake woth buttercream and fondant bow and accents
  • xbox birthday Chocolate cake with chocolate filling and chocoalte buttercream, fondant xbox
  • Train Birthday Marble cake with buttercream and fondant trains
  • Wildcats graduation Marble cake with buttercream and frozen buttercream transfer
  • Trombone birthday Marble cake with chocolate frosting and fondant trombone and accents
  • Crystal Birthday Red velvet cake with crusting cream cheese frosting and fondant accents
  • Shoe Birthday Chocolate cake with chocolate filling. Fondant top with fondant shoe and accents.
  • Goodbye cake-Tiffany Marble cake with grey buttercream frosting and fondant pink bow.
  • Goodbye cake marble cake with buttercream and fondant accents
  • NAU football graduation NAU quaterback graduation cake. Marble cake, chocolate filling, buttercream frosting with fondant accents
  • Hawaii birthday 1st whimisical cake. 2 tiers: top yellow, bottom chocolate, both with buttercream and fondant accents
  • Hawaii engagement 3 tiers with buttercream and fondant accents
  • Trauma surgeon retirement Buttercream with fondant
  • Hospital birthday New computer charting program b-day. Buttercream with fondant
  • Duckie Baby Shower rubber duckies, fondant
  • NAU graduation buttercream with fondant
  • KC royals cake buttercream with fondant. sides FBT's.
  • Lingerie bridal shower fondant
  • Baby-Q Buttercream and fondant
  • ASU graduation Buttercream with fondant
  • Hawaiian luau b-day buttercream with fondant. bamboo is fondant.
  • Engagement cake Buttercream with fondant. Ring is fondant.
  • Beach theme b-day buttercream with fondant. chocolate shells.
  • Shrek B-day Buttercream with fondant. Shrek is FBT.