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  •  Sugar Cookie People Cake   This was second attempt at this cake. I think I am getting better...I still need practice!
  •  Miami Hurricanes   It's football season!!! This cake was for a man's 30th birthday...his favorite team is the Miami Hurricanes.
  •  Elvis Maxine   This is my second Maxine Cake. She is so much fun to decorate!!!
  •  Japanese Writing  Can anyone read this? I had to do some homework on this cake! It spells out "Happy Birthday Kelsey" in Japanese. The picture is...
  •  Sport Cake   I decided to use green icing on this cake instead of using the spray. How do you smooth colored icing...you can see everything. Yuk!
  •  Baby Bop   My writing needs improving! Don't you think?
  •  Maxine Cake  I did this cake a 50th birthday. It's hard to read from the angle that I took the picture, but it says "How do you prevent...
  •  Cake With Roses   Another simple cake!
  •  Football Cake   Another Football Cake!
  •  Yellow Roses   Just a simple Cake!
  •  Ole Miss Rebel  This was my first attempt doing a rebel. He turned out good, but now that I look closer...my borders are a little crooked! Oh well, I will...
  •  Drop Flower Cake   I did this cake for my husbands 94 year old grnadmother. It was a last minute job...
  •  Mom's Birthday Cake  I was playing with this cake. It looked better in person than in the photo. I think the cakes with cookies for decoration are too cute. I...