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  • Domo Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing. Made him for my son's 14th birthday.
  • Cougar Barbie Barbie has been aged, and given a tacky dress complete with snakes. She has bad hilites, roots, worry lines and...
  • Sackboy from Little Big Planet Meringue buttercream icing, fondant zipper and tongue. Homemade hard candy eyes.
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  • Chocolate raspberry cake with ganache icing 2 layer chocolate cake with ganache icing and raspberry jam layers. Chocolate (kinda) curls on top
  • Rock Band Drum Set 4 cake rounds with buttcream frosting and fondant trim. Rice crispie controller with fondant cover/ buttons.
  • Nintendo DS Buttercream frosting. I made screen from crushed and melted rock candy. Black gel frosting underneath! Happy 11th bday  to my...
  • Oh the Places You'll Go Supposed to look like the Dr. Seuss "Oh the Places You'll Go"  book cover. My first attempt at a topsy...
  • Caterpillar to Butterfly Cake I made this for my Step-daughter's 17th birthday.  It's buttercream icing- my usual stucco design because I don't have the...
  • Father's day cake for a Woodworker Buttercream frosting with "knots" in the wood. Gumpaste blade with lusterdust for the silver. Fondant fingers and gel icing "blood".
  • Pregnant Mother's day cake My husband and kids made this for me for mother's day. Not sure if it will be a boy or...
  • Crisco Cake This was for my mother in law. An inside joke about Crisco. :)
  • Hello Kitty cake This is a cake my husband made for my birthday. Buttercream frosting and fondant bow.
  • Halloween Eyeball Cookies Sugar cookies with poured cookie icing. I let the white dry first before adding the gruesome veins and pupil :D
  • Snowman Cake This was made with the Williams Sonoma snowman cake pan. Buttercream frosting and he was pretty cute until he split...
  • Nintendo Gamecube top view Here's the top view.
  • Nintendo GameCube Here's my gamecube for my son's 9th birthday. It was supposed to be all MMF but mine didn't turn out...
  • Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc Made with the wilton ball shaped pan and (not QUITE the right color) rolled fondant.
  • Gumpaste roses cake This is my first attempt at gumpaste flowers- and they are a LOT of work! I bought some wilton set...
  • Gothic Barbie Barbie got a makeover!She was a big hit at the sweet 16 birthday party. Made entirely of ice cream to...

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