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  •  Ratatouille Remy  I made these for my son who saw Ratatouille movie with me recently. NFSC cookie and Antonia74 icing. I also use food color pen for lines...
  •  Rainy Day Mouse   Cookie made from Penny's recipe and Antonia's icing. Original mouse picture made by me. I make my own cookie cutter.
  •  My First Cookie  My first attempt sugar decorated cookie and I'm very pleased with it. Original picture of raccoon was created by me and I use homemade...
  •  Christmas Cookie Tree  This is a project that my husband and I did together for our new neighbor Christmas gift. Their kids loved it and they like to pick...
  •  Ice Cream Cone Cupcake  I filled each cones with cake batter and let it bake in the 350* oven for 30-35 mins. I use BC to make it looks like a real ice cream. My...
  •  Baseball   I use Wilton's baseball boy pan. My son loved it for his 9th birthday.