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  •  Banana Cake Buttercream Icing Wrapped In Marshmellow Fondant Fondant Blueberries   Banana cake, buttercream icing wrapped in Marshmellow Fondant.. Fondant blueberries
  •  Gradmarinehat1
  •  All Buttercream With Fondant Accents   all buttercream with fondant accents
  •  My Hand At The Topsy Turvy Cake After Taking Richard Ruskells Class On Craftsy   my hand at the topsy turvy cake after taking richard ruskells class on craftsy..
  •  Zebra Zombie Elmo   this was a request from a 9 yr old girl.. lol very imaginative young lady! needless to say, she LOVED IT and it was fun to make!
  •  Baby Boy   its a boy cupcakes..each have somthing on them..butter cream with fondant pieces
  •  Seasame Street   2 Tier Cake. with abc, 123 and seasame street characters made with fondant.
  •  The Princess & The Frog   sheet cake with a fondant tiana and the frog.
  •  Ocean   edible shells ( made out of fondant, painted with silver and gold dust.)butter cream icing
  •  Michael Jackson   Michael is made out of fondant. Buttercream icing
  •  Burberry   took the design from the perfume bottle. buttercream icing with strips of fondant
  •  Boston Red Socks   Graham Crackers for the sand. fondant pieces..regular sheet cake and buttercream icing
  •  Big Cupcake   bottom covered in fondant. top is icing melted n poured on it..cherry and sprinkles are made out of fondant.