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  • Flowers and buttercream
  • Aquarium Wedding
  • 13th Birthday
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Black swirls
  • Justin Wine
  • Yellow Calas
  • Jefferson Award for Public Service Was honored to make a cake for our local Jefferson Award winner
  • Basket of flowers
  • Seashell Wedding Cake
  • Pink Whale My first whale....don't like how front bottom didn't curve in.  This client....made her bridal shower, wedding cake, birthday cakes, and...
  • Red and Peach Roses
  • Beatles Yellow Submarine My first stab @ the Yellow Submarine.  For a gal's 50th bday.
  • Pale Sage Green and Pearls
  • Orange and hot pink squares Clients were too cute.  Designed their own cake.  Topper was her great-grandmothers.
  • Barbie Vet A "Bride's cake" instead of Groom's cake.  Client ordered for best friend because as kids when playing Barbie wedding, she...
  • Sweet 16
  • Death by Chocolate Fudge iced, dark choc orange truffles, cake was all dark choc too
  • Penguin Bday cake For my daughter...
  • Beach theme wedding cake
  • Fresh Flowers and Ribbon Wed cake Autumn theme reception
  • Combo Bday cake Client asked for Turkish design on bottom and present look for top for her husband and mother's combo bday party.
  • Ivory buttercream presents wedding cake
  • Brown and Ivory Fondant Square Wedding Cake
  • Yellow Daisy wedding cake
  • Purple and Green Birthday cake
  • Brown scroll work wedding cake I usually don't like square cakes but this turned out to be one of my favorites!
  • Upside Down Wedding cake Was terrifying to construct.  The reception venue called my cell phone after I left and very seriously told me I...
  • My attempt at a Martha Stewart cake book design Bride wanted the 7-tier (but in 6) replica of similar cake from Martha Stewart wed cakes.   Fondant iced/royal icing detail.
  • Christmas Tree Photo didn't turn out great but cake was a hoot.
  • Treasure Chest
  • Converse Sneaker I had way too much fun making this one.  Client's favorite shoes are pink converse.
  • lil_monsters.jpg Didn't know what Little Monsters were before asked to do this 3-D cake(s).  Had a lot of fun making though.
  • Multi-colored Starfish Bride decorated reception with bright colored starfish and wanted to continue the theme over to the cake.  Wasn't sure how...
  • Bushel o' Crabs My first bushel of crabs cake for a rehearsal dinner @ popular crab restaurant.  Should have allowed fondant panels to...
  • Pink & Black Themed Wedding Think would have looked better with fondant bows/ribbon, but bride wanted satin.
  • Granny Smith Apple Green Fireworks Wedding Bride found photo of similar cake.  I wasn't sure how it would look but think the hydrangae on top pulled...
  • 5th Grade Graduation My daughter graduated from 5th grade this year.  Teachers wanted to do something better than just the normal store-bought sheet...
  • Buttercream Piping All buttercream piping.  Was difficult as butter melted quickly in the bag.  If do this again, am going to suggest...
  • Hollywood Buttercream stacked cake with all fondant detail.....except wires for shooting stars.
  • Frog on Lilypad Client's best friend loves frogs.  All fondant decor.  Cake iced in whipped cream icing (why so rough looking)
  • Pregnant Belly
  • Green Cousin It
  • Pirate Ship Wish had more time to make a few pirates but had the wed cake to finish as well.
  • Spongebob and Crabby Patty One of my favorites to make and deliver :o)
  • 1920's beach wedding Client had wed @ local B&B, very 1920's theme.  Buttercream, gumpaste shells and gold appliques.
  • Irish Wedding Clients married in Ireland; wanted something fun for outdoor reception back in the U.S.  A lot of fun to make!
  • Bed of Roses 4-tier on columns but are hidden by the roses.
  • All White Seashell 4-tier Seashell.  Bride chose winter beach theme so left the shells all white and used sugar for sand/snow instead of...
  • Almost 5-tier Autumn Flowers A mix of square and rounds as well as height differences of each tier.  Buttercream icing with lots of fall...
  • 4-tier Buttercream 4-tier rounds, buttercream icing, edible pearls, satin ribbon and hydrangae
  • Seashell and fresh peach roses (larger view) Same cake, wider shot
  • Simple buttercream 3-tier wedding cake, buttercream icing, fresh red roses and Swarovski crystal spray
  • 3-tier Square Sotas and Pearls This monster served 240 guests and the MOB told me only 5 pieces remained.  Each layer was a different flavor....bottom...
  • Bon voyage! I was requested to make a luggage groom's cake for a local magazine.  This cake was actually styrofoam so it...
  • Tiffany Blue Seashell 2-tier beach wedding cake, serves around 30.  Cake flavors were chocolate with chocolate mousse and white with key lime filling....