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  •  Horse Head   Horse head , Used fondant to cover and decorate horse. Needed more cake for the party, so I added a...
  •  Luke's Pirate Ship Cake   This cake was done for my son's 3rd birthday. There's a pirate ship cake kit that i used and followed...
  •  White Bluff City Hall   Cake for the grand opening of towns new city hall
  •  Pretty In Pink   I saw this in a Wiltons book and made it for my husband's aunts 70th birthday. 70 was later placed...
  •  Go, Deigo, Go   Deigo is made with colorflow. The sides are made to look like baby jaguar spots.
  •  Tiffany Style Cake   This was a first attemp at a present style cake.
  •  Hippo Cake   We made this at the bakery for a girl who was wild for hippos
  •  Grape Wedding Cake
  •  Lucky Horse Shoe   This was a desplay cake for St. Patty's Day
  •  Little Mermaid   Ariel's body is done with color flow
  •  Mater & Mcqueen   This was a cake I did for my newphews 2nd birthday. The Mater is a night light he was to...

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