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  • 052.JPG b/c frosting anf fondant
  • lil mermaid in the pool
  • 016.JPG i didnt know what to make for a friend of mine that turned 65 so i figured i would make...
  • baby_shower_cake.jpeg my first full fondant cake
  • SafeRedirect.jpeg
  • Picture_434.jpg
  • Picture_420.jpg first time making  a bible cake all fondant
  • Picture_132.jpg
  • easter basket all edible butter cream frosting fondant accents
  • Picture_068.jpg i made this cake  for rmy church  dinner and they cancelled because of snow so i had all this  in...
  • Picture_040.jpg
  • Picture_017.jpg
  • birthday princess
  • baby stroller this is the top half of the stroller cake up close
  • baby stroller all buttercream frosting this cake was so heavy but it was so much fun to makke
  • baptism canke all b c frosting candy crosses ths cake is alot bigger then ut looks in the picture i used wirton...
  • birthday car
  • 60 th birthday cake my moms 60th birthday i had no clue what to make for her 6oth birthday there was going to be...
  • baby shower basket
  • prom i made this cake for my work its all b/c icing i did the basket weave thanks for looking
  • princess this cake i made for my niece" 4th birthday she loves purple it is all b/c icing this cake was...
  • round canopy crib i made this cake for my niece ... the crib for her baby is round with a canopy so i...
  • Picture_157.jpg baby shower cake imade for a freind it is all b/c icing   it was a hit at the shower i...
  • birthday i made this cake very fast and the way it came out i wasnt to happy but i wanted to...
  • Picture_035.jpg i made this cake for a freind of mine it was her 60th b-day and i wanted to make special...
  • HPIM1741.jpg

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