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  • floating wedding stand this is the secound wedding cake ive ever done, the first time ive ever attempted to make gunpaste flowers. let...
  • coach purse all made of buttercrm flowers are gumpaste
  • cakes_003.jpg
  • hello mommy goodbye tummy
  • crown royal bottle
  • fish tank-my husbands bday cake thank you for everyone who gave me advice on attempting this cake. it was a hudge hit! i made the...
  • booobiecake_004.jpg i used a technique that i have never tried before to do the lace. i thik it came out really...
  • fathers day boat
  • two sided cake- better look at elmo if you look at the arm you will see that my daughter got a little excited and broke it but...
  • two sided cake- sd1- beach theme
  • confetti cake for daughters last day of school
  • daughters 1st dance recital cake
  • coach purse first time at ever using an airbrush and it was a really cheapy one, didnt know if i would like...
  • bud light cooler
  • st pattys theme birthday cake this was my first attapt at a topsy turvy cake i guess it came out okay my sister loved it.
  • triangle cake, side3- zebra print this side was for the thirteen year old girl, so i thought this would be perfect since she is becoming...
  • triangle cake, side2- spiderman spiderwebs and buildings are colorflow, the "stars" are made of silver jubilees?, and if you look closely you will see...
  • triangle cake, side1- t.v. and xbox with controller a friend was doing one birthday for the three of her children so i decided to do something a little...
  • john deere2
  • princess fiona2
  • shrek2 first paying customer
  • course 3 cake
  • Picture_029~0.jpg
  • Picture_029.jpg i did this cake because i had a sweet tooth its just something simple and very very yummy!!! and believe...
  • 10-2-05_049.jpg
  • 11-27-05_013.jpg