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  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Strawberry Shortcake and Toy Story
  • Phineas and Ferb Cake 10" 2 layer bc icing and mmf accents (surf boards)
  • polka dot shower cake 10" 2 layer bc icing and mmf accents
  • Polka Dot and Stripes 8" 2 layer stpies and polka dots made from mmf, and bc icing
  • Campout Cupcakes tent made from mmf, logs are pretzels, and fire is buttercream
  • Campout Cake 9x13 with mmf accents
  • Astro Boy Cake This was for an Astro Boy Party, but I sent the cake with the customer unfinished, she had yellow shooting...
  • Baseball and Grass Cupcakes
  • Baseball Cupcakes
  • Sesame Street Cupcakes
  • Sesame Street 9x13 made to match childs invitation. TFL
  • Alabama Cupcakes
  • Dino Graduation Cake 10" bottom, half sports ball for dino body, and mmf accents
  • Purple and Gold Graduation Cake 10" round bottom, and 6" round top iced in bc with mmf accents
  • Alabama Cake 8x8 covered in bc then cover with houndstooth rice paper and star "A" on top
  • Sweet 16 6" & 8" bc icing and mmf accents
  • Bowling Cake Buttercream icing with fondant accents, the bowling ball is made from a mini ball pan, and the cake size was...
  • Zebra Print Cake bc icing with fondant accents, first time to make a loop bow...I really need to practice
  • Easter Bunny Cupcakes
  • Wrestling Ring Cake Two layer 10", b/c icing with fondant circle, for the corners wooden sticks painted with black food gel, and ropes...
  • Pink & Green polka dot cupcakes Chocolate on chocolate cupcakes with fondant polka dots
  • Candyland cake This was my dd 6th birthday cake, candyland was the theme. 2 layer 10" and 2 layer 8" all mmf....
  • Ballerina Cake Ok this is my attempt of the cake by cutie pie customer cake, This was my first rollered out fondant...
  • Fox Racing Cake This is a cake I did for a friends son, he loves fox racing.
  • Transformer
  • Fireman Hat & Fire Hydrant Cupcakes BC icing and firehat & fire hydrant candys made of melted candies in red.Cupcakes went with Firetruck cake.
  • Firetruck Wilton Firetruck Pan
  • Florida Gators Buttercream icing with mmf accents
  • Wilton Pirate Cake
  • Nurse Graduate Cake all bc icing and toy accents, for my sister's graduation from nursing school. Thanks for looking!
  • Blue and White Baby Shower Cake 9" two layer iced in bc w/mmf accents, and silver balls are gum balls. Second mmf I did, I might...
  • Thomas the Train 10" bottom, 8" 2 layer top, all bc icing. Thanks to all the great people on cc for the idea....
  • Railroad Crossing Cupcakes These are some cupcakes I did to go with a Thomas the Train cake. Thanks for looking!
  • My first fondant cake This was my first fondant cake, the stripes were made with MMF (taste great), and the 25 was made with...
  • Number One Smash Cake Smash cake for first birthday to match the cake
  • Thomas the Train Cake
  • Pumpkin Cupcakes pumpkin cupcakes to match a pumpkin patch cake
  • Pumpkin Patch Cake
  • Dora the Explorer Cake
  • Spiderman Cake wilton spiderman cake pan
  • Number One Cake Baby's smash cake to match the invitation
  • Cars Cake wilton cars pan on 11x15 sheet pan
  • Sleepover Cake I took the inv and blew it up and traced it onto a 9x13 cake sheet
  • Girly Alabam Football Cake Round white buttercream with Alabama A and red polka dots
  • Chocolate Alabama Football Cake
  • Strawberry Shortcake Cake wilton strawberry shortcake pan
  • Strawberry Shortcake Cake wilton strawberry shortcake pan
  • Cow birthday cake Second cake I ever did, for my nephew's farm birthday party. I think I used a 10" cake pan for...
  • Easter Cupcakes Grass tip for grass and jelly bean eggs
  • Pink and Purple Cupcakes Swirl pink and purple cupcakes
  • Hannah Montana Guitar Cake Wilton guitar pan made to look like Hannah Montana guitar
  • Hannah Montana Guitar Cake Wilton guitar pan made to look like girl guitar
  • Skateboard Cake skateboard shape cut out of 11x15, buttercream icing, cereal straws for axels and choc donuts for the wheels
  • First birthday cake
  • Bowling Cake sports ball pan on a sheet cake all buttercream icing
  • 50th birthday cake
  • Pink Poodle Cake puppy cake pan made to look like a pink poodle, all bc icing
  • Golf Cake 11x15 sheet cake, all bc icing, except for the sand trap it was brownsugar, and I used a golf kit....
  • Spiderman Cake spiderman cake pan on a 11x15 sheet cake, all bc icing
  • Tinker Bell Cake tinker bell cake pan, all bc icing
  • Tractor Cake red tractor used wilton trackor pan
  • Monkey Cake Animal cracker pan, had to cut the ears and move them. This was formy daughter's 4th b'day zoo themed.
  • Giraffe Cake animal cracker pan made into the giraffe. This was for my daughter's4th b'day zoo party
  • Cupcake cake 66 cupcakes that make up one big cupcake, this was for a little girl'scupcake birthday party.
  • Santa Cake Santa pan on a 11x15 sheet cake. This was for my Mom's surprise50th b'day. Her b'day is on Christmas and...
  • Car's tip tractor cake bc icing (striped the bag for the rested look on the tractor) except for engine and tires they were melted...
  • Hannah Montana Guitar guitar cake pan with bc icing
  • Pool table 13x15 sheet cake all bc icing, balls were gum balls, and poolsticks were wooden skewers that I painted to look...
  • Nemo cake bc icing made from football pan, yeah before they made the tropicalfish pan
  • Number one patch work cake all bc icing, and yes all stars (took a while to do) that's a pink one on the top
  • Football Cake all bc icing, 15x13 sheet cake with football pan on top. Made to match his invitations
  • Plaid birthday cake All bc icing made to match their invitations

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