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  •  Pink Fairy   I copied this design
  •  Pool Balls   White chocolate cupcakes covered with fondant, inspired by several other cakes I've seen.
  •  Cupcakes   Vanilla cupcakes for a green and brown themed wedding, there are 40 miniature and 40 standard size.Thanks for looking!
  •  Christmas Sugarcubes   Sugarcubes for the tea and coffee table. Details are made from gumpaste.
  •  Red Roses Anniversary  6 inch fruit cake with gumpaste roses covered in FondX for an anniversary. I had the ribbon made with their names on it.Thanks for looking...
  •  Fairy  This is my latest, 6inch chocolate fruitcake covered in Fondx, details are modelling paste. I borrowed ideas from franjmc, louise and...
  •  Sugar Cubes  I made these for a babyshower - sugarcubes that will sit on the tea and coffee table. The details are made from fondant. This photo makes...
  •  Baby Lion   6 inch fruit cake covered in fondX. Details are made from mexican paste using a patchwork cutter. Thanks for looking!
  •  Booties And Daisies   6 inch fruit cake covered in fondX. Booties are made from pastillage, I used my sugarcraft gun for the shoelaces. Thanks for looking!
  •  Assorted Cupcakes   Quick cupcakes for a friends birthday. Thanks for looking!
  •  Cupcakes  White Chocolate Mud Cake with cheat's icing! LOL. These were super quick cupcakes for a work colleague. Cake recipe from the...
  •  Butterfly Cupcakes   Vanilla cupcakes with butterflies. The coverings look awful because I used budget fondant! Thanks for looking, suggestions welcome.
  •  Natashachristmas.jpg  6inch fruitcake marzipanned and covered with FondX. My first time working with marzipan. Found it very difficult to use and so my cake...