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  • Buttercream Frosting With Fondant Covered Baby Butt Blanket And Legs Buttercream frosting with fondant covered baby butt, blanket and legs
  • 3d Giraffe 1st Birth Day Cake Head Is Foam Buttercream Frosting Covers The Whole Cake 3d giraffe 1st birth day cake.  Head is foam.  Buttercream frosting covers the whole cake
  • Happy Birthday Jesus Fondant Figurines Buttercream Icing Happy Birthday Jesus - Fondant figurines, buttercream icing
  • Monkey Smash Cake And Monkey Cupcakes Buttercream Face With Fondant Eyes Ears And Mouth Monkey smash cake and monkey cupcakes.  Buttercream face with fondant eyes, ears and mouth
  • Target Shooter Target shooter
  • 90th Birthday Cake 10 Round Buttercream Iced Grass Fondant Lawnmower 90th Birthday cake.  10" round.  Buttercream iced grass, fondant lawnmower
  • Fondant Figures On Buttercream Iced Cake Fondant figures on buttercream iced cake
  • Ice Cream Birthday Party 8" & 10" Birthday cake.  Buttercream wtih fondant decorations.
  • Pinkalicious Birthday Party Cupcake on top of 9" cake.  Fondant covered.  9" was 3 layers on 3 shades of pink cake
  • Matroyska Doll Family celebration cake for a girl adopted from Russia.  Fondant doll on buttercream cake
  • Zee Birthday Cake 1st Birthday Cake.  Buttercream with fondant decorations
  • Ball & Chain Grooms Cake.  Ball and Chain all buttercream with fondant chain
  • Jungle baby shower Jungle baby shower cake to match the invitations.  Buttercream with fondant decorations
  • Firetruck Birthday Cake My grandson Landon's 3rd Birthday.  Buttercream cake with fondant decorations.
  • Under the Sea Baby shower Baby shower cake with mini cupcakes.  Buttercream with fondant decorations.
  • Topsy Turvy 1st Birthday First attempt at a topsy turvy cake for my grandson's 1st birthday.  Buttercream with fondant decorations.  Photos of him I...
  • Buzz Lightyear Buzz made out of fondant on buttercream frosting
  • Sesame Street Character Cake Sesame Street cake for my granddaughter's 2nd birthday party.  Buttercream icing.  Characters are made of fondant that I placed over...
  • Sleeping baby Sleeping baby for baby shower.  Fondant blanket and cap.  Fondant teddy bear.
  • Winter wonderland Snow family in the park.  Snow people made of fondant.  Mini marshmallow snow wall.  Buttercream frosting snow.  Sugar cone base...
  • Gerber Daisy Bridal Shower cake Bridal shower cake.  Bright colored gerber daisies made of fondant.  Rest of the cake is covered with buttercream
  • Army Cake For a 9 year old.  Wanted an army cake with one dead soldier on it and camo.  Used plastic soldier...
  • Butterflies Liitle girl wanted butterflies for her 6th birthday.  Butterfies made ahead out of fondant.  Buttercream frosting
  • Star Wars Lego Cake Star Wars Legos for a 6 year old.  Stormtrooper and Darth Vadar are made out of fondant.
  • Prince & Princess Birthday Birthday cake for a brother and sister born a week apart.  He was turning 1 and she was turning 3....
  • Turkey cupcakes Made 50 cupcakes for an elementary class

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