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  • Kelsi's Birthday cake Kelsi's 11th Birthday cake.  Made stars of mmf and used gumpaste glue to stick to florist wire.
  • Wilton class cake Wilton class buttercream frosting with Royal frosting roses and rosebuds.
  • Daisy cake MMF with gumpaste daisies.
  • Lacie's graduation cake Buttercream frosting with mmf decorations.
  • Hugs cake Buttercream with fondant hugs.
  • OSU stadium Field made of fondant.  Buttercream frosting for rest.
  • Dolls Used a brat doll and strawberry shortcake dolls from mcdonalds.
  • Batman Batman on a sheet cake.  I usually use character cake pans but couldn't find one.
  • IMG_0500.JPG
  • Hat cake Chocolate MMF covers cake from Wilton class.
  • IMG_0562_2.JPG Cake from Wilton Fondant and Gumpaste class.
  • Alyssa's 16th Birthday Cake MMF.  Transported cake in 3 pieces.  Put together at the party.  The room was so cold we had to microwave...
  • Graduation Cake Jessica's graduation cake.  MMF decorations and buttercream frosting.  The photo was laminated.
  • DSC00094.JPG Graduation cake
  • School Bus School bus covered in homemade fondant.
  • Simple, easy fondant cake with stars and butterflies Homemade fondant