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  •  Edible Image Cake  This is the birthday cake I made for myself... I got the ideal from manndots on Flicker... It's buttercream using sugarshack's...
  •  My Last Cake With Mmf!!!!!  I had the worst time making this cake. MMF was just awful to work with. I got to this point and my husband told me it didn't look...
  •  Another View
  •  Course 3 Final Cake
  •  Easter Cookies
  •  Easter Cookies   I found inspiration in cookiemookie easter cookies (THANKS)!!!!! Penny cookies and RI
  •  All Boxed Up And Ready To Go
  •  2Nd Birthday Cupcakes  This is my son's 2nd Birthday cupcakes. The cupcake is tropical dream and the icing is mango buttercream. the number is made out of...
  •  Promotion Cookies On Valentine's Day
  •  Promotion Cake  This is ganache on top of ganache on top of ganach and chocolate covered strawberries. i did this for a friends promotion on valentine'...
  •  Picture_159.jpg   This was done for a friends husband who is in the military and love fishing
  •  Flower Cupcakes  Inspired by cupcake. I tried to make them look like hers, but I think I still need a little more practice. White cake with bettercream...
  •  Shower Cookies  These were inspired by edencakes cookies. They are not as neat as hers, but they were a big hit at the shower. No fail cookies with...