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  • Christmas time Design borrowed to the talented Little Cottage Cupcake on Flickr.
  • Christmas penguins cupcakes
  • Christmas cupcakes
  • Circus train
  • Baby in a bath
  • circus train This cale is directly inspired by a Debbie Brown's design. It was so much fun to do ! My son...
  • Rock'n roll cake topper
  • buiders cupcakes Some cupcakes I made for work (a property developer company), with the name of each of my colleagues on the...
  • Kids faces cupcakes Some cupcakes I made for a party at my son's nursery. It was a lot of work, but I was...
  • Gift cake At last I found the occasion to try this design that looks quite simple. It wasn't as easy I thought...
  • Spring time ! Cupcakes I made for a picnic.
  • Baby bath I borrowed this design from CC members and Flickr members. It was so much fun to do !
  • kokeshi dolls cupcakes toppers
  • My first bottle of wine My first try at a bottle of wine. I noticed too late it was still too square on the edges....
  • white and pink cupcakes
  • Christmas buddies A cake topper I made for a cake for the christmas party at work.
  • A very girly 2nd birthday cake A cake I  made for one of my colleague's daughter who is turning 2. I finally managed to use the...
  • 1st birthday cake for Lucie Directly inspired by Lorraine Mc Kay's design. I attended to one of her workshop last July, and she is just...
  • Miniflip-flop toppers 1
  • Hedgehof cupcake topper
  • Zebra A friend for the giraffe I posted earlier...
  • Getting ready for Christmas ? Unfortunately, I noticed only at the very end that he head was too big for the body !
  • Giraffe Just playing with gumpaste. As the paste is still soft, the giraffe doesn't stand. That is why you can see...
  • Turtle cupcake topper
  • Garfield and his teddy bear I've always wanted to try to model Garfield. Now it's done. Next time I'll make the head smaller at the...
  • For a 30th birthday My try at one of Aine2's tutorial for a colleague's 30th birthday cake topper. I just replaced the book by...
  • My baby boy My 1st attempt at Aine2's genius tutorial.
  • Baby dragon Baby dragon made from marzipan for my first baby boybirthday cake.
  • IMG_3220.JPG
  • Farm cupcakes toppers I was just playing with marzipan, working on a farm theme for my baby boy 1st birthday. The 1st one...
  • Where's the intruder ? I copied this simple but fun design from one of the CC'member (sorry, I can't find the name - Thanks...
  • Little penguins
  • Santa cupcake topper
  • An edible christmas ornament I thought it would make a fun presentation to offer cupcakes to my friends for Christmas. Of course, the design...
  • Christmas collection I did some mini cupcakes for my colleagues. Forgot hair for angels ! My colleagues loved them !
  • A collection of little snowmen in a forest of christmas trees ! Inspired a lot by Aine2 instructions' on her blog. Thanks to her !
  • Merry Christmas !
  • karate kids A cake topper ordered by one of my workmate for her friend who just jet the black belt !
  • Christmas cake Not a fancy cake. But I haven't modelled anything for months, and needed to practise before the "big" cake I'm...
  • Palm trees cookies
  • sexy builders I haven't practise for ages...and forgot the time it takes !! Anyway, it was fun as it used to be...
  • Sexy Builder This is the rest of the cake I made for my female boss' birthday. We work in a construction
  • onesie cookies I just bought the cutter, and still have to practise to find the right design and the right consistency for...
  • bikini cookies Unfortunately, half of the tops broke at the last minute !!!!!
  • flip flop cookies
  • Sweets bangles Not a cake, but favors for my niece's birthdaymade with sweets.
  • DSCN2275.JPG
  • Shuttlecocks Shuttlecocks I made for my badminton club. Not the best, but fun !
  • Beach cake 1 A cake I did for my office today, to celebrate the beginning of the summer holidays departure. It was a...
  • Emergency Just a quick modelling for my mother who wanted to decorate a simple cake she bought for her colleagues at...
  • Spring time Nothing fancy. Just practising for fun.
  • The simpliest design...
  • Sweet Dragonflies
  • My first easter basket
  • DSCN2391.JPG
  • Lilo I'd better say "a kind of Lilo"!
  • Boo's bear (Monster Inc.) My favorite character in the cartoon after Boo. I'll try to model her next time.
  • DSCN2365.JPG
  • The ideal guy ?
  • Crisis for a young father... I wanted to practise with marzipan again, as I only used fondant lately. I forgot how sticky it was !
  • baby Elea This one is for one my friend who gave birth to a sweet little Elea 3 months ago.
  • A break after work... As promised, I had a go at a (messy) female cake decorator. It's a "forêt noire" cake next to her...
  • Freshly made... Next time, I'll try a female cake decorator!
  • A bridesmaid Just practising on new figurines.
  • A sweet little bird Just practising new characters.
  • Dog vs Ladybug Just having fun and trying to model a dog for the first time.
  • Sharing dinner... I've already posted the bees earlier, and wanted to use them for a scene to give as goodies to one...
  • The horse... I tried to model a horse this morning to complete my family farm theme. I'm not really satisfied of the...
  • Genie and Jasmine Still training on forming figures...Designs inspired by Debbie Broown's book.
  • Another fairy
  • flowers cookies
  • Teddy bears
  • bride and groom
  • fairies
  • St Valentine cookies
  • Baby shower cookies
  • Christmas on the beach I already posted this figure earlier, but I was so frustrated last night not to have time to add details...
  • Christmas delivery
  • Waiting for dinner...
  • Ready for the Christmas Party !
  • Santa at work Nothing fancy, just training for CHristmas...
  • A bird in love... Still playing with marzipan !
  • Nativity scene For a Christmas cake. I'll have to make the cow bigger next time !
  • A try at an angel...
  • Reindeer 1 My first try at a reindeer.
  • Wizard Inspired by a Debbie Brown's book.
  • Maris_1-1.JPG The groom is not really balanced...I have to find how to make him properly !
  • End of work...
  • Dora I've been inspired by a cake I've seen on this website...
  • Diddl & Pimboli It's for my niece's birthday. She is a big fan of Diddl ans his friends !
  • Vietnamese couple
  • Marsupilamis
  • New Caledonian Girl
  • Sumo_1-2.JPG Little sumo
  • Princesses_-_Divers_2.JPG Still training...
  • Prince__Princesse_1-2.JPG
  • Cupcakes_-_Cocc__Abeille.JPG
  • Poisson_ballon_1-3.JPG

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