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  • Teacher Appreciation Made this one for Teacher Appreciation Day.  Supposed to look like notebook paper.
  • Square Wedding Cake This was for my cousin's wedding.  I HATE icing square cakes.  But she the bride loved it!  She hugged me...
  • Swirly Cake I don't remember why I made this cake.  I want to say it was something for the school.
  • Barbie Island Princess This was my daughter's 5th birthday cake.  All buttercream with cake sparkles
  • Hello Kitty Made for my neice.  She loved it!  It was a strawberry cake with b/c, gel transfer.
  • Tractor Another one made for my dad's work.  He works at Goodyear, so it had to have those tires.
  • OU Football Cake All b/c, piping gel transfer.  Made for my dad for a man who was leaving his dept.  I ran out...
  • Ice Cream Cones I did these for my son's pre-k class.  I don't think the teacher was very happy, they were pretty messy...
  • Groom's cake For my cousin's wedding reception.  Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache.
  • Derby Clown cake
  • Cake class
  • Course 2 final cake
  • Final cake class I made a ton of roses, and they kept falling off.  Oh well, my kids ate them.
  • Death Star Birthday Cake My son's 8th birthday.  He wanted a Death Star from Star Wars.  I really thought it was the ugliest cake,...
  • Cupcake witches Did these for a church bake sale.  They were a hit with the kids.
  • 4th of July cookies
  • Practice cake This was a practice cake for my brother's wedding.  They wanted four square cakes.  So, they were all in this...
  • Baseball cake Made for my son's coach pitch team last summer.  All b/c.  French vanilla bottom, chocolate ball.  Went a little crazy...
  • Daughter's Birthday cake My daughter's third birthday.  Mermaid on rock. The bottom cake was vanilla and the rock was chocolate.  All b/c decorations.
  • Anniversary cake Anniversary cake for my in laws.  Taken from one of the Wilton Course books.  B/C with R/I flowers.
  • Stars Chocolate ganache over b/c.  Fondant stars.
  • Leaves A cake I made for a teacher back to school dinner.  I don't remember what flavor the cake was, but...
  • Simple cake Just a cake I made for my grandma at Thanksgiving.  Yellow cake with b/c.
  • Yellow roses Birthday cake for my Mother in law.  Vanilla cake with b/c icing and roses.
  • Scarecrow I did this one for a PTA auction.  I was really disappointed with the way it turned out.  One of...
  • Birthday Cake Bottom layer is chocolate cake, top is German Chocolate.  Buttercream roses.  My buttercream turned really, really soft while making the...
  • Happy face Decorated by my 3 year old daughter.  Didn't use this half of the ball pan, so let her have it....
  • Military cake This was made for a going away party for a company.  Its a gel transfer, all B.C.  French vanilla.
  • Turkey cake 1/2 vanilla, 1/2 chocolate, the turkey body was red velvet.  Fondant feathers, body, eyes and legs.  This was a cake...
  • Baby shower booties Cousin's baby shower a few years ago.
  • Wreath Cake Chocolate cake with B/C wreath.  Royal icing snowflakes.
  • Swimming pool  cake This was my dad's birthday cake one year.  He builds swimming pools.  This was WAY before I knew anything about...