Wilmington, DE US

PinkZiab - Tara

Apologies for long-unanswered messages... Personal issues kept me out of the cake/pastry scene for a few years. I'm back now... With a new fire!!

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  •  Bert & Ernie Birthday  I did this for the third birthday of the son of an old friend--her son LOVES Bert & Ernie (who doesn't?) It's vanilla cake...
  •  Star-Struck  This was something I threw together for my boyfriend's nieces who were celebrating their 3rd and 5th birthdays together, and I was...
  •  Mousse Cake  White and dark chocolate mousse surrounded by a thin sheet of pate a cornet almond biscuit and topped with stabilized creme chantilly and...
  •  Marzipan Produce   This was also for a class project. Hand-sculpted marzipan fruit & veggies, airbrushed, and displayed in a nougatine stand.
  •  Tulip   My first tulip
  •  Sugarpaste Flowers  My first ever sugarpaste flowers. Done in culinary school class taught by Ron Ben-Israel. My roses are a little too thick and the petals...