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  •  Cupcake Wedding Cake  Cupcake Wedding Cake done on a Wilton display. The display is edged in green leaves. Each cupcake had a hand made flower on it. The top...
  •  Blue Seashell Cake   Frosted in Teal buttercream frosting, with white chocolate seashells, dusted with pear luster dust.
  •  Img_0207.jpg  This is the cake the bride planned. She provided the flowers for the cake top. I don't think they matched. But the colors of the cake...
  •  Chocolate Seashell Anniversary Cake   Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream & roses, white chocolate shells, dusted with gold luster dust.
  •  Blue Seashell Anniversary Cake   French Vanilla cake, buttercream frosting, white chocolate shells, dusted with blue luster dust
  •  Peach Drape & Lilly Wedding Cake   Buttercream icing. Fondant drapes. Fondant lillies with gum tex added to make stable.
  •  Sea Shell Wedding Cake   Shells were done with white pearl luster dust. Bride wanted yellow roses. AND they wanted that stupid cake top! Class!
  •  Gerber Daisy Wedding Cake  The colors the bride wanted were burnt orange, red & yellow gerber daisys. I made them from fondant with gum tex mixed in to make them...
  •  Christmas Cakes   These were done as a Thank You to people who recomended me for cakes. All were FBCT.
  •  Frog Baby Shower Cake   Customer wanted yellow & green with Frog as the theme. FBCT for the frog.
  •  Toilet Cake   Made for a customer who wanted the inscription "Happy Birthday Ernie" Who gives a crap??????
  •  Coral & Silver Seashell Wedding Cake  The bride gave me a picture of a celebrity wedding cake to copy. I really did not like this cake but it was exactly what she wanted. The...
  •  Hunting Vest And Hat   This cake was for a groom's cake. It's an 18x12 sheet with the vest & hat cut out from another sheet cake.