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  •  Shoe Box  My first go at a shoe. I am very pleased how it turned out. It was a choc mud gluten free cake. I got the idea from CC. And many thanks to...
  •  Bronco Jersey   Choc mud cake with fondant icing. Pics printed out and laminated.
  •  Spongebob Squarepants  My first ever Spongebob. I am so proud. White choc mud cake covered in fondant. His hands and feet are dowels covered in sugarpaste. Eyes,...
  •  Cookie Monster  My very first 3d cookie cake. I was pretty happy. I used rice crispies for the arms and legs and skewered them in. One arm half fell off so...
  •  Alison   Buttercake with fondant icing. Plaque was made out of sugarpaste, let dried then painted on it. Flowers are sugarpaste.
  •  Jordana   Mud cake covered in fondant with fondant butterflys and blocks. Pretty happy with it.
  •  Icing People   mud cakes covered in fondant. Only my second go at icing people. not too bad.
  •  Lace  Fruit cakes iced in fondant. I bought a lace cutter from spotlight , putting it on the cake straight was a bit hard, it kept wanting to...
  •  Mini Butterfly Cakes  mud cakes covered in fondant, took me forever. I did 100 of them, stayed up all night. Hardest bit was covering them, they didn't want...
  •  21St Cake   Choc mud cake, picture is laminated and flames were piped on and coloured. It was for a firefighter.
  •  Butterfly   Choc cake with bc icing.
  •  Bekys Butterfly   vanilla cake with bc icing. My very first butterfly, not too bad.
  •  Lightning Mcqueen  choc cake with bc icing and fondant accents. The red icing went a bit funny as it dried, like spotty, I wont use powder again I will use a...

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