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  •  Dale Jr.   Side view of cake.
  •  Dale Jr.   I made this for my stepdad's birthday. He is a huge Dale jr. fan.
  •  Dopey Dog   I made this for a childrens home auction. If anyone knows the best way to store a fondant covered cake...
  •  Finished Pic   this is the finished product. i made it for my nephews 3rd birthday. he loves trains and even told me...
  •  Train Cake   First 3-D cake. Not exactly how i wanted it to turn out but pretty good for first try.
  •  Christmas Party   Got the idea out the Wilton Yearbook.
  •  Christmas Snowmen
  •  Princess Cake   made for nieces 3rd birhtday. buttercream cake and icing.
  •  92' Blazer Fron View   front view of blazer cake.
  •  92' Blazer   Side view of a blazer i made for my little brothers birthday.
  •  Red Hat   I made this for my grandma and aunt's b-days. This is my first two layer fondant cake and my first...
  •  Birthday Candles   i made this cake for my husband for his birthday. i got the idea out of the wilton yearbook 05'...