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  • n1577625282_36678_2984.jpg
  • IMG_2097.JPG BC frosting, MMF flowers and strawberry marshmellows on the sides
  • chocolate attack - w/o candles
  • Spiders on a cake chocolate & vanilla layered cakes, BC frosting & chocolate + sprinkels covered legs.
  • 100_2558.JPG banana-walnut layered cake with caramel frosting & sliced bananas; covered in chocolate ganache, with candy clay roses (just playing with...
  • egg baskets chocolate mini-cakes with coconut grass and jelly bean eggs.
  • 100_2425.JPG Layered banana cake with sliced bananas and chocolate-caramel frosting. Chocolate cornelli lace, hand-make almond-filled chocolate truffles.
  • baby girl all MMF covered and decorations.
  • strawberry duck cake strawberry cake with strawberry-vanilla creme filling. all MMF covered
  • strawberry & chocolate chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and sliced strawberries in the middle. chocolate ganache and chocolate covered strawberries on top.
  • white wreath mango cake with strawberry cream cheese filling. cookie leaves and strawberries on top
  • 119809649322979.JPG banana cupcakes, chocolate-caramel frosting, burned sugar coins with white chocolate tree imprints.
  • 119809694893770.JPG orange-cranberry cupcakes, lemon frosting, cookie holly leaves and red candy covered chocolates.
  • all chocolate chocolate-banana cupcakes with chocolate buttercream ganache frosting and white chocolate snow-flakes.
  • apple cupcakes apple cupcakes with caramel frosting, MMF flowers and chocolate decorations
  • flower cupcakes orange cramberry cupcakes with lemon frosting. MMF flowers
  • cupcake tray
  • THANK YOU CAKE a chocolate banana cake with caramel frosting. All decorations made of MMF and the board made of candy melts.
  • a fun day with the clowns
  • 100_1981.JPG
  • my little angel's baptism All MMF covered cake with MMF decorations.
  • first birthday All MMF covered chocolate cake with cherry jam layers.I had to decorate this cake with the speed of light (thats...
  • graduation of a pink-lover all MMF covered strawberry cake & cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
  • basket of roses Please don't judge my roses ( they are my first ever!!!) The cake is apple layered yellow cake; all BC...
  • 100_1727.JPG spring flower garden. Chocolate pecan cake covered in butercream and green coconut flakes. chocolate cookies + stained glass cookies, MMF...
  • 100_1725.JPG rose flavored cake covered in MMF with MMF flowers. the eggs are mini-cakes in gumpaste shells.
  • 100_1721.JPG cookie easter baskets
  • 100_1502.JPG this was my first fondant cake. I liked experimenting with colors and flavors. First layer is butter walnut cake; second...

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