Looking for a new job/college student
Tulsa, OK US
Cake Decorating and Sugar Art

osman1989 - Suzanne Allen

Retired military veteran, college student, divorced mom to 4 awesome kids.

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  •  Chocolate Bag   Chocolate cake shaped into a chocolate fondant bag with modeling chocolate flowers colored with colored food powders.
  •  Sugar Shoe   Gold pastillage shoe with teal gum paste flowers
  •  Royal Iced Board   Royal icing piped monogram on board with flowers and stringwork
  •  Pastillage Mask   Mask made from pastillage with gumpaste flowers.
  •  Dr Who Cake   Buttercream piping with hand drawn plaques made from dried fondant and gum paste.
  •  Cookie Sampler   Various designs utilizing fondant and royal icing.
  •  Cupcake Sampler   Fondant cupcake sampler using molds and cutters in various colors.
  •  Army Men Cake And Cupcakes   Buttercream piped cake and cupcakes with toy army men and vehicles.
  •  Soccer Ball Cake   Buttercream piped soccer ball cake.
  •  Yin And Yang Dragon Cake   Buttercream cake with piped Yin and Yang top and Blue Fondant Dragon Image on side.
  •  Santa Claus   Fondant and gum paste Santa with bag of gifts
  •  Cake Pop Sample Display Fondant Amp Royal Icing   Cake Pop Sample Display. Fondant & Royal Icing
  •  Birthday Cake For Dr Who Fan Tardis Made Of Rice Krispies And Fondant Marble Cake With Buttercream Frosting   Birthday Cake for Dr. Who fan. Tardis made of rice krispies and fondant, marble cake with buttercream frosting.