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  •  Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy  My husbands favorite book! I meant to airbrush the ganache black, but I had half of the lettering on when I realized I hadn't! The...
  •  Nintendo   I guess it's not actually a kids cake, most kids don't own Nintendos anymore...
  •  Mmmm...doughnut   A very large doughnut with sprinkles (went with the beer mug that's also in my photos)
  •  Fresh Flowers And Scrolls   Small wedding cake with fresh flowers, pearls, and scroll work (although it's hard to see).
  •  Black Bows   A wedding cake with black ribbon and brushed flowers
  •  Raggedy Ann   Made for a Raggedy Ann themed birthday cake. She can be hard to draw!
  •  Aloha   Inspired by Hawaii
  •  Pretty In Pink   Ivory cake with pink flowers, made for a doll club meeting.
  •  Beer Mug   It's a beer mug with a fondant handle
  •  Boy Bassinet   Bassinet for a babyshower with fondant blanket
  •  Baby Shower Invitation   A cake made to match an invitation, the figure is made from fondant.
  •  1St Birthday Bear   A stacked car with bear and cookie number 1
  •  Bunny Cake   A cake for my niece's first birthday (she was born very close to Easter). The bunny is molded from fondant and then painted.