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  •  Spongebob For Madeleine   Spongebob cookies for my neighbor, an 8 year old girl suffering from brain cancer.
  •  Abomidable Snowpug   Puppy cake.
  •  White Bridal Cake With Pink Carnations   8" round, white velvet cake with raspberry filling, recipes available on Carnations are artificial.
  •  Pink And Black Paisley  6" and 9" round, MMF with silk flowers. French vanilla cake with alternating layers of bavarian cream and CakeBoss raspberry...
  •  Fishes With Coral   Topper fishes are styrafoam balls wrapped with fondant.
  •  Marissa's Ice Skater
  •  Bedtime  My entry at the 2010 Austin "That Takes the Cake" show. I was thrilled to place 2nd in my category with this entry, and Ruth...
  •  Wizards Of Waverly Place Spellbook Cake  A birthday cake for my 6 year old son. He requested "Alex, Justin, and Max sitting on the cake", so I did the best I could! Thank...
  •  Teddy Bear Picnic   10" and 7", fondant over ganache. Everything edible except ribbons and balloons.
  •  Re-Created Wedding Cake  I didn't like my original wedding cake (made by a bakery, long before I ever made cakes), so for my 15th anniversary, I recreated it...
  •  Bride And Groom  Bride and Groom figurines from Lorraine McKay's class in Austin. These ended up looking more old-fashioned than I planned, partly due...
  •  Offset Squares With Yellow Flowers   All buttercream, offset square 10", 7", and 4.5". That top tier was a bugger to do! Fresh flowers.
  •  Ashley's 1St Birthday  First birthday cake for my only daughter! The car trip to the party destination was so far, and it was about 110 degrees outside, that the...