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  • Princess Marble cake covered with buttercream and dusted with disco dust.
  • Springfield Armory Gun Case Vanilla cake, covered in buttercream and handle is made with fondant.This went along with a gun cake for friend.
  • Springfield XD-40 Red velvet cake, covered with buttercream. Made for friends birthday in shape of his favorite gun Springfield XD-40.
  • Winnie the Pooh smash cake Chocolate cake covered with buttercream for a 1st birthday smash cake.
  • Pooh Present Square vanilla cake covered in buttercream topped with a chocolate Winnie the Pooh  cake also covered in buttercream, giving a...
  • Two peas in a pod White cake with buttercream frosting and fondant pea pod and babies. Baby shower cake for a friend expecting twins, one...
  • Zebra pull apart cake Vanilla cupcakes topped with buttercream made in a pull apart cake for 60 teenagers.
  • Zebra K Vanilla cake topped with buttercream.
  • Venom Spiderman Chocolate cake covered with buttercream. Made for a friends son.
  • White Chocolate Raspberries French vanilla cake filled with raspberry filling, covered in white chocolate buttercream and topped with fresh raspberries drizzled with white...
  • Thor's Hammer White cake covered with fondant, handle was rice krispies. Was second cake for a four cake stacked cake to be...
  • Strawberry whipped cream cake Vanilla whipped cream sponge cake with whipped cream and cream cheese frosting, topped and filled with fresh strawberries.
  • Siesta Birthday cake for co-worker. Vanilla cake with buttercream icing.
  • Halloween Cookies Halloween cookies that we made at the holiday cookie class.
  • CO Birthday cake for Commanding Officer at NRD Houston, Texas
  • Christmas cupcakes 2 Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes decorated like santa suits and wreaths for christmas.
  • Chirstmas Cupcakes Variety of cupcakes made for a friends shop to give out to shoppers at Christmas. There were eggnog cupcakes with...
  • Captain America Shield Vanilla cake shaped like Captain America's shield. Was base for cake but only one other cake survived. It was to...
  • Bullseye Dark fudge Chocolate cake with buttercream icing and fondant Bullseye horse.
  • National Guard Unit Patch Yellow cake with buttercream frosting, made in the shape of the Guards uniform patch.
  • Justin Bieber Chocolate fudge cake with Justin Bieber edible image and buttercream frosting.
  • Seabee US Navy Seabee made for a Sailor re-elistment party. Instead of tools bee is holding a Mountain Dew. Bottom cake...
  • Cloths Line Chocolate cake with mocha frosting and vanilla cake with raspberry filling and buttercream. Marshmellow fondant cloths, button and rattle.
  • X Marks the spot Pirates Treasure, buttercream frosting with fondant plastic accessories, piping gel for water and chocolate gold coins on the border.
  • Chocolate Almond cake Dark fudge chocolate cake with milk and dark chocolate frosting and almonds.
  • Farewell cake French Vanilla cake with raspberry top and whip frosting. Made for a friend who was moving back home.
  • Penny Giant penny all buttercream. Was for a sailor who was re-enlisting and got a re-enlistment bonus just one penny short.
  • Final for fondant cake class Cake we had to make to complete the fondant cake class. All white and blue fondant with gumpaste box on...
  • High School Musical Buttercream with edible image of the High School Musical movie
  • Lightning McQueen race car Lighnting McQueen race car cake all buttercream
  • Unit Patch Bake sale for the USS Hawes family support group. Unit Patch all buttercream.
  • Promotion cake Navy dress uniform rank patch for promotion ceremony
  • Ladybugs Buttercream frosting with fondant  accents.
  • Beach cupcakes Beach theme cupcakes with graham cracker sand and candie disc suns.
  • Dragon Cupcakes Cupcakes with dragons for school fund raiser. Dragon was the school mascot.
  • Batman Chocolate cake with buttercream.
  • Curious George 1st birthday cake Vanilla cake all buttercream. Babies 1st birthday cake. Had a mini Curious George smash cake too.
  • Curious George Smash cake Mini Vanilla cake with buttercream for baby's first smash cake.
  • Mustangs Granduation White cake with buttercream.
  • Navy Retirement Cake Yellow cake with buttercream and fondant. Made for Navy Retirement.
  • Navy Retirement Cake Chocolate cake with buttercream and fondant.
  • High School Musical White cake with buttercream frosting and edible image.
  • Creek View Gators White cake with all buttercream. 1st Anniversary for new school.
  • K's Birthday cake White cake with buttercream and chocolate wafers.
  • Blues Clues Son's first birthday cake of Blues Clues. All buttercream.
  • Baby Boots Baby shower cakes for neighbor's friend, with baby cowgirl boots
  • Cell Phone Home made strawberry cake with buttercream and fondant buttons.
  • Christmas cupcakes Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, buttercream frosting.
  • Texas Country Christmas Butter cake with buttercream frosting. Fireplace stones are melted chocolates.
  • Halloween cupcakes Various flavored cupcakes, covered in buttercream.
  • Killer Tomato Dark Chocolate Fudge cake. All buttercream frosting. Idea from Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.
  • Bionicle Matta Nue Combination White and Dark Chocolate fudge cake. Covered in all buttercream.
  • Re-Enlistment Yellow cake with Chocolate Buttercream frosting. Gumpaste Anchors and rating symbol. Made for Re-enlistment picnic.
  • Elvis Vanilla cake with a buttercream Frosing. Fondant beeds. Twin bothers wanted different cakes. One got Elvis the other got a...
  • Tractor Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake with all buttercream frosting. Twins wanted different cakes. One got A tractor the other Elvis.
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  • Cowboy boot cake Cut out cake of cowboy boot, covered in fondant.
  • Baby Teddy on Blanket Teaddy bear is covered in buttercream laying on a fondant blanket.
  • Liberty Bell on Decloration All Buttercream. I made it for the Mid-Atlantic cake show this year.
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  • Silly Bat
  • A Baby Girl is a LittleBit of Heaven My friend asked me to make this cake for a co-workers shower. They wanted a big cake for the shower...
  • Reindeer

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