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  •  20Th Class Reunion Cake For Goodrich Hs Fond Du Lac   This was a cake I made for our 20th class reunion.
  •  Camoflage Cake   I made this for a little boy who is BIG into hunting for his birthday. It's all buttercream
  •  First Communion Cake  I baked the gobblet part of the cake in a wine glass and cut it in half to make it dimensional. Decorated with buttercream. I used fondant...
  •  Top Banana  I made this for a neighbor of ours after she saw my son's top banana cake. Buttercream... the monkey and bananas are made from fondant...
  •  Top Banana   I made this cake for my son who was the top banana in his class for a week. It was a huge hit!
  •  Snowman Cupcakes   I made these for my son to take to school for his birthday.
  •  Bikini Cake  I made this cake for a neighbor whom gave it to a guy she worked with as a joke. He e mailed me and told me that he couldn't keep his...
  •  Eyeball Cake  I made this cake for my duaghter's Mad Scientist Halloween party for school. It was a big hit! Yellow cake with strawberry filling....
  •  Darth Sidious Birthday Cake  I made this cake for a boy that was big time into StarWars. I had never heard or seen this character before, so when I did, I thought,"...
  •  Little Engine   This is a cake I did for my 1 year old son's birthday.
  •  Happy Non Birthday  I made this giant sugar cookie for my daughter to take to school for "her" non birthday day. Her birthday is in August and they...
  •  Barbie Cake   Cake made for a little girl's birthday.
  •  Frankenstein   Halloween birthday party. Choc. cake with butter cream frosting.