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  • Mom-in-laws Birthday I made this cake for my mom-in-law's birthday.
  • Simba & Nala Birthday Cake This was for a friend's kids 7th birthday.  She asked for Simba and Nala when they were teenagers.  This was...
  • Bratz Cake This was for a little girl who wanted a bratz birthday cake for her 4th birthday party.  I did same...
  • Power Rangers This was for my nephew's 5th birthday.  He loves power rangers!
  • Father's Day I did this cake for my Father-in-law for Father's day.  We had a cookout so this went well.
  • Baby Shower This a cake I did for my friends baby shower.  She had a Noah's Arh theme.
  • Groom's cake I did this cake for my best friend's wedding.
  • Bridal shower cookies These were the favors for my best friends bridal shower.  We made 56 of them.  I was so happy when...
  • Jen's Bridal Shower Cake This cake is for my best friend's bridal shower.  It was the second cake that I made for it.  The...
  • Spongebob This was an order I had for a spongebob cake.
  • Valentine's Day I made this for my husband for Valentine's day. He loved it!
  • Darth varder This was an order I had for a little boy who loves Darth Varder.
  • 1ST BIRTHDAY This was for my Godson's 1st birthday. It matched the napkins.
  • Christmas I made this for a family christmas.
  • Birthday I made this for my friends birthday. She is only 12 days older then me but I love to rub...
  • Baby shower I made this cake for my cousins baby shower.  It was the first time i ever made the booties.  Thanks...
  • Thanksgiving I made this cake for thanksgiving.  It is the first time I did ganche.  I think it turned out ok.
  • Halloween cupcakes Here are some more halloween cupcakes that I made.
  • My 1 year anniversary. I made this cake for my husband for our 1st anniversary.  We got married on Oct 30 the day before...
  • Halloween Cupcakes I made these for my in-laws for Halloween.
  • Halloween Cupcake Cake This is the first CCC that I made.  It was for Fall/Halloween.
  • Birthday Cake
  • My first fondant cake This is the first cake I ever did with fondant.
  • First baby shower cake This isthe first baby shower cake I did.  It was for my godson.
  • Sunflower cake I did this cake for a co-workers b-day.  It was from when I first started so it is not that...
  • Christmas cake I did this cake for a Christmas party last year.