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  • Thank you cookies for the dentist! Found a great Dentist, wanted to have some fun and add a few cavities and maybe a root canal or...
  • Thank you cookies fr the Dentist! Found an awesome Dentist and took the staff cookies. Had to add some cavities and root canals for fun!
  • Thank you cookies fr the Dentist! Found an awesome Dentist and took the staff cookies. Had to add some cavities and root canals for fun!
  • Shopping spree I made this cake for my sister's birthday! She is the mad shopper and also beside the bed full of...
  • It's a Frozen birthday of course! It's a Frozen birthday of course! The pond is hard stage candy! Was simple but fun!!
  • My Mother's 80th birthday cake!  My Mother's 80th birthday cake! No body loves sports and or basketball more than my mother. So this jersey cake...
  • hamburger cupcakes Had to do it for the kids!!! But the adults seemed to have loved them more! Fun Fun!
  • Mini Turkey Dinners Turkey Mashed Potatoes Peas And Carrots All On A Sugar Cookie Mini Turkey dinners!  Turkey, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots all on a sugar cookie!
  • Hospital cookies! A client wanted me to make thank you cookies to take to his Dr. who had done his heart surgery!...
  • Grandma's 95th birthday! When knitting and coffee was a perfect day!
  • Shark birthday What boy doesn.t love battling sharkson their birthday?!?!?
  • Butterflies This was a cake for a 10 year old who likes butterflies!
  • Tea cups for Tea Party birthday theme!
  • Tea Party birthday cake!
  • Bug Cake Made this for fun when my nephews came. Had to do a quick and fun. Chocolte cake, frosting and crushed...
  • 20th annivesary for secretary! This was a cake for office party! 20 year!
  • 60th birthday scaaarrrrryyyyy! This is what happens when you turn 60 on halloween!
  • Shop and drive... bad idea1 Friends 3rd car crash!! Couldn't resist!!
  • Vampire cupcakes! I want to drink your..... cupcake!!
  • Polka dot cupcakes!!
  • Dinasaur Cake! The birthday boy wanted blood and guts!! EWWW!!!
  • Its a football birthday cake! Football cake and of course since he is birthday boy he would have to win the game!
  • Victoria Secret shopping bag! Birthday cake looking like a shopping bag!
  • Happy anniversary! Anniversary that looks like Twilights Edward and Bella!!
  • Grandsons 4th Dinasaur made out of rice krispie treats and fondant! He played with it soo much we didnt eat it!!
  • Gender Party Parents did not know sex of baby until they cut the cake!!!
  • Carb free cake!! Mexican meat loaf, quesa cheese and roasted tomatoes!
  • Peppermint hot cocoa!!
  • Donkey was school mascot!! Yes it is a donkeys rear end!!
  • April fools! Not a grilled cheese but pound cake and frosting!!
  • Chocolate with rasberry~
  • Melting...melting..mel..ti..ng... Cookies for my grandson!! Cut a big marshmallow in half for face!
  • Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!! Made these for a company party! Vanilla, buttercream and a chocolate snowflake I used a mold for!
  • Shark party!!!
  • HOWLoween in style!!! Made these for a girls halloween party!!
  • Ride a cowboy!! Girlfriends birthday cake!!! Lost the wheels in a 300 mile trip! Had to make do!!
  • Menopause! Just a simple cake for a coworker.  She is suffering from severe menopause! Hot flashes, sweats, chin and cheek hair,...
  • Nursing graduation cookies Friend graduating from nursing school. Looks alot like her.
  • Twin girls 1st birthday!! My grand daughters 1st  birthday, girl bugs and tiaras!!! Thanks to all you amazing women on here who inspire me...
  • Tiara cookies Second attempt at cut outs, her theme was pink and brown!
  • Ducks in the water Wanted to add a splash (sorry for the punn) of color to the duck. Thought they turned out cute!!
  • lingerie cake girls weekend made each there own cake
  • Ocean cake Used jello for the pool and teddy grahm bears made swimsuits and towels for them.
  • Tea Party Cake This was my flrst attempt , my moms bday.
  • Coach Shoes What can I say but Coach is all she would wear, has these in 10 colors!
  • Ungroomed doggie cake My friend took care of a dog that had not been groomed in years and was not housebroken very well....
  • Monkey duty My girlfriend is always complaining about her job being Monkey Duty so I made her a monkey cake.
  • Dawsons 3rd birthday
  • Hernandez Country Club Friend celebrating his 60th. Had frogs on the lily pads, ducks in the pond, park bench with a newspaper on...
  • Taco take out My girlfriend lives at this place so Thats what I made her for her bday cake, Sponge cake, crumbled brownies,...
  • Precious Jr. My sister's son was called Precious growing up so I put it on his sons cake to carry on the...

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