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How to Stencil on Buttercream Video

[youtube id="dxN7sZL_vBI" width="600" height="350"] In this "how to" guide, you will learn how to stencil colored buttercream icing directly onto a cake covered in buttercream. You will see how quickly and easily you can make the most intricate and amazing designs directly on your cake. You may also want to see the "How To" video for stenciling on fondant, or cookies Cake By: marcimang Items you will need for this tutorial:
  • Buttercream iced cake
  • Small batch of colored buttercream icing
  • Small spatula or Spackling Knife (from the hardware store)
  • Your favorite Designer Stencil for cake

Comments (18)

Thanks for the instructions! Is the black and white wedding cake here done this way? I would have sworn it was airbrushed. looks airbrushed to me also! You can see the lighter/darker areas of the color! Either way, it's a fantastic cake!
A video showing the stenciling on the sides would be great.
Is there a video on how to transfer an image to a Buttercream cake? (hand drawn image)? Would love to see a video on that.
If you want the stenciling on the sides with buttercream just follow the same method thats in the how to stencil on fondant on the sides.
Hello I would the instruction on how to do this cake. thanks
I have just come to this site and am loving it so far...this video is amazing and I will try this on a cake before long...My problem is I want to try everything and I don't need all those cakes..thanks for the info
The B&W cake has that air brushed look to me too. Speaking of the cake in the video though. That has to be the worst job building a cake I've seen. It isnt that hard to make nice straight sides and a flat top. Maybe it was to illustrate how versitile the stencel product is.
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I recently attempted this on a cake and had major problems with the royal icing bleeding under the stencil. I saw on an episode of "Amazing Wedding Cakes" that the girls at Cake Girls in Chicago also had this problem when trying to stencil a checker board pattern on a cake. they never fixed the problem. They just ended up using fondant instead. Anyone have any suggestions???
Buttercream in the fridge???? Wouldn't that cause sweating after you remove it?????
I can't see the video. Are they all not working
I would love to see this video. It's seems to be gone can anyone repost?
Video not working can anyone help find it for me???
Could this video please be reposted?
You can view video by going to youtube and copy the video ID into the search bar

Video ID: dxN7sZL_vBI
This will find the video
Cake Central › Tutorials › How to Stencil on Buttercream Video