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How to Package & Ship Cookie Bouquets

Learn how to package and ship your cookies bouquets by following these easy steps.

Step 1 How To Packe & Ship a Cookie Bouquet
Individually wrap each cookie in cello bag or shrink wrap

Step 2 How To Packe & Ship a Cookie Bouquet
Layer with bubble wrap or tissue paper

Step 3 How To Packe & Ship a Cookie Bouquet
Wrap entire bouquet in bubble wrap or tissue paper

Step 4 How To Packe & Ship a Cookie Bouquet
Cover entire bouquet in shrink wrap and shrink using heat gun or blow dryer on low setting.

Step 5 How To Packe & Ship a Cookie Bouquet
Place packing fill (shred, packing popcorn, lots of crumpled paper, etc.) in box
Step 6 How To Packe & Ship a Cookie Bouquet
Place cookies in box and surround with more packing fill. Add enough fill so that the cookies dont shift.

Fill to top of box so cookies dont shift

Final bit of cushioning so the cookies will not shift during transit.

Comments (24)

Wow - this is a great tutorial! I really needed to see those pictures! Thanks, Amy
Thank you for the well detailed tutorial.This is definitely going to help me.
Thank you, this is great information. It really looks like it will ship well.
now I know how to mail cookies to my son. he is in the air force. thanks, jackie
thanks for the i can send orders to ohio
Thanks for the great tips!!
These is great, I'm going to ship some cookies to my family and friends in Brazil and i wasn't sure how to but with these tutorial it really helps. Now i do have a question if a shrink wrap it will it last longer then just covering it w/ plastic. Cause it takes about a week or two to ship to Brazil by regular mail. And i do want them to eat good cookies, Thank you!
thanks it´s a very good idea
This is a great help. Now I can send my cookie bouquets to my family away. Thanks!
The cookies look like they were individually wrapped first. Is that correct?
wow what a great idea...looks like my mom will be getting a bouquet for her birthday coming up:)
Yes DozenRed roses:)
Thanks so much for the photo tutorial. It will improve my packing for all the shipping from a tropical island of baked goods I do for friends, family, and Service men and women serving overseas. One note I might add is that the USPS has a special shipping box for Overseas Personnel. I believe it is discounted rates and usually gets there quicker. Other times, because of their location, it can take up to four months. :) My Caribbean rum cakes and candy make it.
Thank you so much for the awesome photo tutorial. Much easier to understand!
What a fantastic idea! I bake for men and women overseas once a month, and this looks something that's right up my alley. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks, I always wondered how this could be done and almost was tempted to order a cookie bouquet online to see how it would be wrapped in the package. Very helpful! Brandee Beavers
Thanks, I'm going to a baby shower in Nebraska and thought this would be a great gift... easier to ship a couple days ahead of time than to put on a plane with a baby.
Thanks so much for this! I will be shipping a cookie bouquet soon and I had no idea how to go about it. :d
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