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How to make a tiny teddy bear

Aine2 shows you how to make a mini teddy bear out of sugarpaste (gumpaste or fondant) [flowplayer src=''']  

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WOW!, que bello trabajo!!!!. Felicidades!
Thanks for the help! I am going to try to make one.
thanks you made it look so easy that i'm not so afraid to try it
I did it! THe teddy bears turned out great! (will post) If only you could teach me how to make the little boy.. hint hint :)
Thank you so much, it looks soooo cute , you made it look so easy.......I am trying it right now.
What type of glue did you use?
Great video thanks
To make the glue; Break 1/4 teaspoon of Ready-To-Use Gum Paste into very small pieces. Dissolve pieces in 1 tablespoon of water. Let stand for about 1 hour. This mixture will be ready to use even if some pieces have not fully dissolved. Store unused portions in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.
Thank you very much.
WOW i just now made my first bear thanks to You!!! Aine2 your so AWSOME for posting this video!!!
Hello, I am new here and just saw your figurine of the bear and with it the little boy..and the girl...I love those, they are so can I find more of your tutorials...I hope I can find your response! LOL
it’s very nice thank you
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Thank you for your blog it is great
all i see is 1 picture... where is the "how to" directions?
Only see pictures as well, where is the video??
I am new at making fondant characters. I understand how to make somethings but my really problem is assembly and how to get the fondant smooth without in cracks in it. I would really appreciate any help you can give.
Only see pictures... where is the video??
I can't see any video!! Please help...
:( Is there directions somewhere? Thanks!
Cake Central › Tutorials › How to make a tiny teddy bear