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Christmas Ornament Cupcakes

This step by step guide will show you how to make delightful Christmas Ornament Cupcakes.
You will need the following things: -Fondant or (MMF) -4.5 round cookie cuter -Plastic ornament mold, and -Cupcakes(of course)


Step 1
Roll the fondant out to about 1/8 of thickness .Use a 4.5 cookie cuter and cut out the shape. Place the shape carefully inside of the mold pressing gently around the mold so no creases are visible. Place it in the refrigerator. In the mean time make and bake chocolate cupcakes, cool completely. Fill the ornament molds (with the fondant still inside) with cake ball ingredients. Once the two halfs are filled, place each on the cupcake. Place it back in the refrigerator.

Step 2
For the hanger part, you will need; -1.5 cookie cuter -a straw -small ball made out of Kleenex, and -rope (sausage) made out of MMF (the thinner you can make it the better) -small bottle or object

Step 3
Use a 1.5 cookie cuter to cut out the shape. Using a straw, poke a small hole in the center of a cutout.

Step 4
Take the rope (sausage) and make a loop out of it.

Step 5
Feed the loop trough the hole in the center.

Step 6
Place the whole thing on the small bottle and shape the hanger to achieve the look similar to this. Place the whole thing back in the refrigerator to harden little bit. Let it dry out before pulling the paper out. After hardens pull the paper out and attach it to the cupcake with the dab of icing. Decorate with luster dust and royal icing

Comments (12)

Thanks....I love was always under the impresion they were round all the way around...., not cupcakes Thanks...can't wait to try
I thank you too!!! Have been looking for instructions...these are short and simple!!! Gotta try it!!! Thanks!
I love these instructions was wondering where you get the plastic ornament moulds
Could someone Please explain in step 1 where it's said to fill ornament molds with cake ball ingredients. What i don't understand is the term cake ball ingredients.Please
cake ball ingredients are crumbled cake mixed with icing
where can i find ornament molds??? thanks!
You should be able to find the molds at a craft store such as Hobby Lobby, A. C. Moore, etc. You could also check online for two part clear ornaments.
these cupcakes are cute.... but not quite functional. Does anyone have any good/cute cupcake ideas/recipes where most (98%+) of the ingrediants are edible AND taste good? And don't require alot of time or that are easy enough for kids to make?
TO Aquamdax - I'm not sure if you understand this recipe but it is completely edible, and mmf (marshmallow fondant) is VERY YUMMY. It is time consuming, however. And I am sure it can be made without the ornament mould..... just shape the fondant in a shallow round dish... decorate with icing! Filling the top with cake pop stuff probably isn't necessary either. You can probably just cover the top of the cupcake with the MMF etc if tall enough.....
This is all edible and depending on your fondant, quite yummie. I used the small half ball pan covered in fondant and stacked on the cuppies. You can also do a poured fondant or ganache. Gumpdrops for ball hanger. I don't know if I would attempt these with the kids, but maybe with older kids you could.
You can also use the half ball pan to make just the top half of the ornament, a colored crusting buttercream and the Viva papertowel trick to make the ornament smooth and still yummy. Those mini Reeses peanut butter cups (the ones that come in the bag unwrapped) can be edible spray painted silver and popped on top for the ornament hanger, thin licorice could be the ornament hanger as well. you can add decorations to the smoothed buttercream too to personalize the ornaments.
If you wanted to make a whole ornament, stick the two halves of the half ball pan together and cut the bottom of one so they sit up and don't wobble over.
Thank you Lejla for your detailed directions and great ideas!
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