EASY Plants vs. Zombies Cake


This was the first time I've attempted to use fondant.  I thought things might be a whole lot easier if I used rice krispy treats as a base.  I packed in the treats pretty well.  Some posts suggested crushing the rice krispy, to keep the base from falling apart.  Mine stayed together just fine without doing that and the treats were still edible.  



I made some vanilla butter cream to smooth over the treats to ensure that the fondant will lay smoothly.  I didn't want to have to move the cake once completed and decided to decorate it right on the carrier.



By the way, the rice krispy treats were made in a 9" x 13" cake pan.



I purchased a large 2 lb. tub of Duff's bright green pre-made fondant to keep things easy.  I read a lot of reviews and they said that the Duff brand tastes and has a better consistency than Wilton.  The Wilton fondant roller with the roll-n-cut mat was a great help in rolling this to size.  Just be sure to keep dusting with powdered sugar as you roll to keep the fondant from sticking.  I had to start over one time because of this.  This you-tube video was very helpful:



I used a Wilton fondant smoother to flatten out the surface and the sides of the cake.  The excess fondant was trimmed off using an exacto knife.



I purchased a small box (1.5lbs.) of ready to roll fondant in white from Wilton.  It's less expensive than Duff's and I figured I wasn't using as much.  I rolled out and cut long 1/4" strips for the fence.  I had the Wilton square cut-outs from previous projects and used the medium sized ones to cut the fence tops.  The fence pieces were attached with edible gum glue adhesive.  I believe I could've used water, but I wasn't taking any chances since this was going to be for my nephew's birthday party.  A long 1/8" inch strip was also cut to finish off the fence.



The pool was made with the same 1/8" strips of white fondant for the edges.  I filled it with Wilton blue glitter gel.  One tube was more than enough.




This picture should have been rotated.  I used the medium Wilton square cut-out to make the tiles.  The light green was achieved by mixing the white fondant with Duff's electric green coloring gel.  You can see how to color fondant here:




The lily pads were cut from the same electric green fondant using Wilton's medium sized circle cut-outs.  I trimmed a slice out using the exacto knife and created small lines on top with a butter knife.  Right before leaving for the party, I used a steamer to remove the visible powdered sugar and get a nice sheen on the cake.  It's noticeable in the pictures below.



The plants vs. zombies characters were purchased on Amazon and shipped from China.  It took almost a month to receive them!  The problem is that the characters did not have holes in the bottoms to be able to place something to secure them into the cake.  



I did this at 1am on the day of the party.  I cut toothpicks in half and hot glued them to the characters.  



The toothpicks held up the characters really well in the rice krispy treats.  I think it would have been really difficult to get them to stand up on actual cake otherwise.  Someone suggested candy melts which probably would have worked, but I didn't have any on hand and wanted to get this cake done!



In the plants vs. zombies game, the zombies will occasionally leave letters for the player.  I wanted to mimic the letter but was afraid to try my hand at making parchment out of fondant.  Instead, I used the back of a giant Hershey's bar to pipe on the birthday message.



I didn't place the zombies until I reached the birthday party location just in case.  



The plants, potato, and cherry were secured with a little edible glue since they had flat bottoms.  You can see the little glue bottle in the back ground.




I love how well the sparkle gel worked for the swimming pool.



There's the birthday boy with his requested Plants vs. Zombies cake!