Royal Icing Tiara Tutorial

Joyce Marx (CC user Joyliciouscakes) was one of the featured cakemakers in the December issue from Volume 3 of Cake Central Magazine. We fell in love with the delicate snowflake royal icing tiara she topped her winter wonderland cake with, and she was kind enough to create and share this step-by-step tutorial with us! For some tiara design ideas, check out our post on Top Royal Icing Tiara Patterns!




Crisco shortening
Disposable piping bag
Egg tray
Palette knife
Paper piping bag
Parchment/Wax paper
Piping tip No. 1 and 0
Round baking tin that will be use for the top tier of your cake
Scotch tape
Small bowl of medium soft consistency of white Royal Icing
Snowflake luster dust
Snowflake Tiara template

Joyce’s template can be printed out and used for a template, or you can sketch out your own!



1. Wrap the template around the cake tin and parchment paper onto of template, secure both papers with scotch tape. Rub a thin layer of shortening over parchment/wax paper and place it on top of egg tray to secure tin from rolling.


2. Use piping tip No.1 to out line the whole template with medium soft consistency white Royal Icing.


3. Once the template is all piped out, don’t worry if the lines sticks together it will be covered with run-out royal icing at the next step.


4. Mix some run-out consistency of Royal Icing into a paper piping bag, cut a little at the tip and piped it between the lines to create the pillow effect.


5. Use a needle to pop any visible bubbles and clean the edges if you over piped it across the lines.


6. Leave it to dry for 5 min after piping. It should looked like pillow effect but not sunken. If it is sunken, you might want to over piped it with some run-out till you create a nice pillow effect. This stage is very important as this will create a solid foundation from breaking while removing the tiara from the round tin at the last stage.


7. Piped some dots for detailing and enhancement.


8. Use piping tip No.0 to piped tiny dotes along the bottom edges of the tiara.


9. Once you’re happy with your tiara, leave it to dry over night.


10. Gently dust with luster dust.


11. Use palate knife to gently detached tiara from parchment/wax paper.


12. Slowly lift up tiara.




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