How to make your own wedding cake by Chef Alan Tetreault of Global Sugar Art - Part 1





Chef Alan Tetreault  of Global Sugar Art shows you how to make your own fondant covered wedding cake. Learn how to cut, fill and ice the cake, cover with rolled fondant, assemble the three tiered cake, make molded borders and add flowers. This is Part 1 of the 2 part series. It is also helpful to view Alan’s video

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Fabulous tutorial!!! Looking forward to part 2 but must admit this one enables me to make so many cakes I was afraid to tackle before. Thank you!


Thank you Chef Alan for all your tutorials, I'm a beginner and you have taught me so much. And thank you so much for making so many of them free for us. I look forward to seeing what else you will be teaching us in the future.

Anna Maria


Thank you so much for this tutorial. You have mentioned points which even classes that are paid for have not taught. Really appreciate it very much and looking forward to part 2.


I too want to thank you for the tutorial. I have been decorating for awhile but still have much to learn, and your tutorial has given me tips for my own decorating. The best was using a fondant rope as a dam. I will certainly try that now as opposed to a buttercream dam.

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